Spring has started knocking the doors and that’s the reason why we can start hearing the Koel sounds in the early mornings. Of course, Chennai temperatures also have started raising. I did get the heatstroke while playing in the school yesterday.  So that means we would have an array of festivals coming up. Holi is the first among them, isn’t it? My aunty in the school started discussing the various Spring festivals that are conducted in India and also across the world.  I will share about those learnings later in a different post. We elder kids have to teach Holi songs for the toddlers in our school. So I thought of telling you about my favorite Holi songs of this year.

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Springtime Again, Springtime again!!!

The first and foremost rhyme we tend to pick is the “Springtime again” rhyme. As it not only teaches the kids about the seasons, but also gives information about the array of hte colors we use in Holi celebrations.

Dum Dum Holi has Come!!!

The second one obviously we use to show how much fun we can have while using the water colors and also while splashing the water ballons. Spring and summer times are meant to be playing in water isn’t it? You all know the reason for the same isn’t it? As the temperatures soar, we need more water to cool down ourselves

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Aayi Holi Aayi Holi re!!!

The fun and celebrations of the Holi festival can be explained through this famous Hindi song. It also gives an introduction to the kids about Hindi language

Holi mein mach gaye dhamaal!!!

The amount of fun we can have during Holi celebrations is clearly explained in this rhyme.

Happy Holi

The next comes the favorite rhymes from Infobells on Holi. We normally don’t sing all those songs, but tend to watch them when we get some time, as these songs set the mood for Holi.

Lastly, I hope you all know the story about why we celebrate Holi isn’t it? Just like any other festival in India, Holi is the celebration of the victory of good over evil. We can hear all the stories related to Holi here.


Apart from this, we can do a lot of craft activities for Holi, as it involves the variety of colours. The activities that I am currently enjoying are here. Please do check out and let me know.