Yesterday evening, when I and my mom had gone for a walk in our colony, all the water in the empty plots near my shuttle court got evaporated and I got curious as to what is happening and I asked my mom about the same. She mentioned that the water evaporated due to the hot sunny days here in Chennai. I immediately, felt so sad that all those wonderful fishes in those ponds would have died right? I immediately asked why this hot summer should come to Chennai now itself, why can’t we have winter for some more time. For that, my mom has answered that all this is happening due to climate changes, and this year UNO has decided that “Water and Climate Change” is the theme for this year’s World Water Day. You all know when International Water Day falls, isn’t it? It’s on 22-March every year.

Do you know why this “Water and Climate Change” has been decided as the theme of this year’s World Water Day? The reason is that due to drastic Climatic changes, the water bodies are evaporating at a faster rate than earlier and we need to wake up and act fast to minimize the Climate Changes as much as possible.

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The aunties in my Montessori house and even my mom told me the “Water is a very scarce resource and we need to use it wisely“. But how do we do it any idea? How do we minimize the Climate changes at our level? We kids in our Montessori house have sat down and discussed a lot as to how to conserve water and use it wisely. My aunty had shown us this video after overhearing what we were discussing. Aren’t those kids really cool?

Climate Change Song on Internet
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Pledge for the World Water Day!

So this is the 10 step plan we kids have chalked out and you guys can also implement them at your house and nearby vicinity on this International Water Day.

  1. Close the tap, when not using the water. Don’t keep the tap unnecessarily running, while we are brushing our teeth
  2. Use water filled in a bucket to take the bath, instead of showers.
  3. Fix all the leaky taps and pipes immediately to arrest the water usage. There is a common corporation tap near my Montessori house, which keeps leaking the whole day. So, we called up the corporation office and got that one fixed last week.
  4. Keep water in small bowls outside your houses, so that the birds and stray animals can quench their thirst. So many bees and butterflies die in the hot summer, as they don’t get water.
  5. During the rainy season, plant avenue trees in your locality, so that they not only give shade to you, but their roots will retain water in the underground and will give you more oxygen.
  6. Now in hot summer, we get delicious jack fruits and mangoes. Please clean and save those seeds during the summer months and plant them as avenue trees after it starts raining.
  7. Install rainwater harvesting systems in our house. During the last rainy season, we had stored so much water that my mom is still using that only to water our plants on the terrace
  8. While watering plants in our garden, we decided to build our own drip system using the old plastic bottles and our mom’s cotton shawls. So since yesterday, we are on the job of making holes in the bottles and cutting them open. The younger children in our Montessori house are cutting the shawls into thin cotton wicks.
  9. We saw our akka’s wasting so much water before cutting our fruit snack before snack time. So we told our akka’s in the school as well as to our parents at the house to clean the fruits and vegetables in a bowl of water.
  10. Aunties told us the benefits of wastewater recycling. But for that, we need our adult’s help and we are asking all our parents to implement the greywater recycling plants in our apartments. Will you guys also do it and let me know how much water you could save because of it?

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So this is our plan, what about you guys? What are you planning for this Water Day? Our aunties told that every drop of water we save is equal to every drop of that gets generated. So will you also follow our aunties advise and use water smartly so that the earth won’t get converted into the desert in the near future? So above is the pledge we guys are taking in our Montessori House. What is is the pledge you guys are taking? Please let me know what you guys are going?