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5 Top Bhajan Songs that Kids love on Janmasthami

Yesterday was the Janmasthami right? So me and Mom were busy trying to welcome my good old friend Krishna into our house. After doing all the decorations, my mom told me to sing my favorite Bhajan Songs for Krishna. In the mean time, my friend also joined me, so we both sang those bhajans. I am suprised to see that, even he likes those songs. I think all little Krishna’s friends love these songs. Want to know what they are?

Muripala Gopala Krishna (Telugu)

This is my all time favorite song and I sing that every time. I will share my video later. I always wonder how these girls dance without their shoes on grass and sand. But I like this song so much and my granny asks me to sing infront of the guests if someone visits us. Tell me, won’t the kids get bored to keep singing whenever someone visits our house. We need to have the mood to sing isn’t it? Then only the song would come out nicely. I don’t understand why people always force us the kids to display all our talents.

Muripala Gopala Krishna

Maadu Meikkum Kanne (Tamil)

This song, also I learnt it in the School only. Initially I struggled a lot with the pronounciation and the words. Then I asked my mom to teach me this song. So she spoke to my aunty and got to know the song name and played it for a while on her mobile. That’s how me and my mom learned this song. My dad says, why are you guys torturing me with all this tamil songs, as he doesn’t understand even a single word out of it. So during one of those Janmasthami’s last year, we made my dad and granddad sit down and I explained this full song to them. Then they both also started loving this song. Itseems, the aunty who sings this song is very famous. I like her voice a lot.

Maadu Meikkum

Kasturi Tilakam (Sanskrit)

This is the first bhajan (we can call it as a shloka too) I learnt as a kid. So I like to sing it every time, whenever there is some puja for little Krishna.

Kasturi Tilkam

Choti Choti Gaiya (Hindi)

This song, I learnt in my school, during one of the Janmasthami celebrations. I love this song so much that I used to ask my aunty to sing this song even after the Janmasthami celebrations are over. She used to normally oblige me as she too likes my expressions while singing this song. Guessing, how I came to know about it? She wrote it in my farewell letter to me which all aunties give to their kids before the start of the summer holidays.

Choti Choti Gaiyan

Muddu Gare Yasodha (Telugu)

This is the song, I used to hear so many times when I was a baby. This song is written by Annamacharya itseems. I would fall asleep, only if this song is played. So even now, the moment this tune comes up somewhere, I can immediately recognise.

Muddugare Yasodha

There is also one more famous song by Annamacharaya called Chinni Sishuvu, Chinni Sishuvu. I used to listen to this song in the afternoons. Itseems, I had preference for various songs to be played at different times as a kid. That’s what my mom says.

Chinni Sisuvu

There are lot more songs/bhajan’s I learnt on Krishna. But these are my all time favorites. What about you? Which bhajan songs do you like to sing on Krishna asthami or Janmasthami. Please let me know the bhajan songs in other languages also. I would love to learn as many languages as possible.

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5 Top Bhajan Songs for Janasthami

By the way, how did you guys celebrate your Janmasthami? What specials you made and how did you welcome little Krishna into your house. Please let me know. We had put Krishna’s footprints from gate to the puja mandapam welcoming Krishna and made lot of decorations and sang the Bhajan Songs on Little Krishna after offering the Prasadam. Do you know the funny part, apart from the other prasadam’s mommy made at home, we also offered the Blackforest cake to Krishna. Can you guess the reason why? Let me know in comments OK?

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  1. Out of the listed bhajans, I have listened to only chhoti chhoti gaiyan and its the fav of not just my kids but mine too as thats the pnly bhajan my father used to sing to my kids and we remember him every time we play it. I definiteky check out the rest of the bhajans, though I may not understand as they are in Tamil but I am sure they will be melodious as anything related to Krishna is bliss 🙂 #vartikasdiaryreading #myfriendalexa

    1. Thank you Vartika and yes Choti Choti gaiyan is our favorite too!! But being a Telugu person, I think I had given more telugu bhajans there…sorry for it.

  2. I am so excited after reading this song that Krishna is actually a favorite with kids across our country irrespective of the ethnicity. I heard all the songs in your list and liked them all.

  3. even I do not know tamil but your collection of Bhajan are great. My father-in-law worship krishna and we have laddo Gopal at our home. My father in law keep on sharing bhajan to me which my both kids love

  4. I’m sure he loved that Black Forest. I really love the Alaipayuthey song by K.J. Yesudhas. It’s really beautiful. Do check it out whenever you have the time. 🙂

    1. Thank you Shweta for your kind words. Yes I like that song too, but my kid is still not able to get those songs lyrics

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