Its that time of the year, wherein everyone in the villages would be busy with harvests and us kids would be eager to visit our grandparents during this Pongal festival. Normally, we get only one or two day’s holiday during this time, but we would take a couple of days off this side and that side so that we can spend more time in the village and enjoy ourselves with our cousins. This time also, we are taking a week off from my classes and school and going to the village. Going to the village means, I will stuff a few books into my backpack to read during the afternoons, isn’t it? So here comes my list of the books, I am carrying this time with me.

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Indian Harvest Festivals:

This E-book, Indian Harvest Festivals, is written by Agnes Dcosta in the Story Weaver is the first book I had picked up to understand how the Harvest Festival – Pongal is celebrated all over India. Hopefully, now I will come to know all the different names of the Harvest Festival in India after reading this book.

Festival through the Year

This book, Festival through the Year is written by Rachana Chabra. I had already read this book once and this book is filled with the festival experiences of the characters Natasha and Nikhil. The Pongal experience in Punjab is very nice and with a good twist. So a must-read for people who are picking up the books on the Pongal festival for the first time.

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Susheela’s Kolams:

This E-Book (Susheela’ Kollams) from the Story Weaver depicts the fun part of Kollams or the Rangoli’s that we draw during this auspicious month of Pongal. We call this month with different names in different parts of India. In south India, this entire month, mommies/aunties draw big and colorful Kollam’s or rangoli’s in front of our houses.

Farmer Falgu Goes to Kite Flying

Farmers and Kites are an integral part of the Pongal festival. In many places of India, we can witness the kite festivals as well during this time. So what would happen if one such farmer goes to the Kite Festival. The farmer’s name intrigued me and so I asked my mom to get this book from Amazon.

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Kaale Kuava Fest – Makar Sankranti in the Hills of Kumaon

There is a unique festival celebrated on Pongal day in the Hills of Kumaon. It’s basically the festival of crows. Isn’t it interesting? So that’s the reason for me to download this E-book from the StoryWeaver. This book is written by Vibha Lohani in the Story Weaver.

So friends, what are the books you are reading during this Pongal Holidays? Please do let me know whether you liked the above books are not.