I and my mom are spending quite a lot of time together these days due to the school closure for COVID-19. The other day, my mom got a call from her another blogger friend asking her to watch the Mental Hood” series in ZEE5. So yesterday, finally we both have decided to watch the “Mental Hood” series together, as it’s about a mommy blogger with her kids.

Why the storyline interested me?

This series is more like that’s currently happening at my home. A mommy blogger managing her time between kids and her blogging career. This being the first series, all the characters (the mommy blogger friends) got introduced to us along with the main character. The main character is played by Karishma Kapoor. Their family has just moved to Mumbai and the kids have got recently admitted into the school over there. The second kid in this series looks and behaves more like me.

This entire first season consists of a total of 10 interesting and funny episodes where the mom’s and the kids are having a riot. The best part is that all these episodes are of short duration, so we can just relax while watching the single episode itself. I really liked the interactions between moms and the kids. Do you want to know why I also got glued to this “Mental Hood” series on ZEE5?

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  • The kids are very realistic, as I could attach so many of my friend’s faces to those kids in my age group. Especially Nikhil and his friends.
  • Though I didn’t understand completely all the mom’s problems and their nature, I really liked the way, all moms have become good friends quickly and started helping each other. Every one of them is a super mom just like my mom.
  • Most of them have some or other important work to do.
  • The scenes are very funny, and the dialogues are very easy to understand for a seven-year-old kid like me.
  • Just like how I forget my things, even Nikhil does the same. Luckily there are no exams or projects stress in my school
  • I really liked the various events organized in school. Looks like school life is more fun.
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My Bullying Lessons:

Apparently, though the school says that “Bullying is not allowed”, kids do bully secretly in that school too. I was surprised to see Karishma Kapoor calling her mommy as the bully. So that’s my first lesson on bullying concept.

  • Bullying is not just limited to kids, even parents can be bullies sometimes. Don’t you all agree that our parents or nearby relatives like aunts and uncles tease us and irritate us? But we need to understand that it’s the friendly and playful banter in which they want to engage with us.
  • But any time, if we don’t like either the kids or adults ill-treating us continuously, we need to tell our parents/teachers immediately.
  • If we keep silent and not inform anyone about the person who is bullying us, we are giving them the strength to bully another person.
  • Also, bullies mostly bully us because they are either feeling insecure or jealous of us. The other day, A in my school started calling me with nicknames and even after telling him not to use those words he kept on calling me like that to irritate me. When I went and told my aunty about it, the aunty asked me to take a step back and stop talking to A. When I stopped talking to A for some time, he has realized his mistake and came back to me. We both discussed and realized that since he is going away on vacation for 10 days, he was feeling bad that he is going to miss me and that’s why he is behaving that way. So now you understand how by following simple measures we can stop the bullying, isn’t it?
  • As Karishma aunty says, we should always remember that “Bullies are the weakest people and the best way to deal with them is through our Inner Strength”. That is how she could save Nikhil from bullying kids in episode number 2. Please watch the “Mental Hood” episode 2 from ZEE5, for more details.