Due to the school closure and lockdown, we are spending our entire day in the house only. Suddenly, my granny got the idea that I should improve my Hindi speaking skills. So, she started researching for good Hindi shows that would interest me. Then she hit upon ZEE5 web series for Kids. ZEE5 has started a new platform especially for kids. And surprisingly, it has various genres of content like top animated movies, adventure, action, comedy, superheroes, mythology and even DIY’s. This is like another treasure trove for kids like my favorite Disney Junior.

Can you imagine, the best part, there are various shows on this platform in various languages like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil apart from Hindi, so we all can sit together and watch. This platform would help me in improving my Hindi. My granny has decided the series – “Bandbudh Aur Budbak Ke Bakwas Bakbak” to start my Hindi training. I would say that she has done an excellent job in picking up the right series this time. We already watched the popular series Mental Hood on ZEE5.

Watch Bandbudh Aur Budbak Kids Show Online on ZEE5

Why did this story line interest me?

This series is about two school going kids, Badrinath and Buddhadeb. Their behavior reminded me of my two friends in the school, A and S. Both are exactly very naughty and behave funnily just like Badrinath and Buddhadeb. Their nicknames are also very cute. Bandbudh and Budbak. The episodes one after the other captures all the funny and troublesome moments these two guys get caught into. Their principal is very strict, and these two kids always get into trouble with their principal. The cartoons representing these kids are also cute in a way. So no wonder me and my granny got hooked to this series on ZEE5 Kids.

  • The kids in the classroom are very realistic and have given me a sense of how a typical school would operate, as our Montessori school will not have any benches and chairs to sit and the teachers don’t keep changing for different subjects. .
  • The Hindi used in this series is simple enough for me to understand. of cours
  • the visuals are also helping me. So, after watching three/four episodes, I felt that my Hindi vocabulary is improving.
  • The scenes are very funny, and the dialogues are very easy to understand and can be easily related by a school going kid like me.
  • Just like how I forget my things and at times don’t follow the rules, these two kids also do the same.
  • I really liked the Yoga teacher and how he was singing a nice song on yoga there.
Watch Bandbudh Aur Budbak Kids Show Online on ZEE5

Top 5 Reasons to watch Bhandbudh Aur Budbak:

As per my mom, Bhandbudh aur Budbak is apparently a complete Indian show built right from the scratch in India. So, I liked the fact that someone out there has understood the mindset of the Indian kids and made a show out of it.

  • Bhandbudh aur Budbak represents any two typical school going kids and are very easily relatable. Their friendship is good, and everyone deserves a good friend like that.
  • Their Hindi language is very simple, and this series increases our Hindi vocabulary.
  • Now that most of the schools are very strict and we are not able to go to our schools on cycles, this series is a sort of eye opener for all of us as to how much fun we all can have in the schools.
  • These two kids are very witty and naughty, but at the same time they teach us the important life lessons like what would happen to us in case if we don’t follow the rules in the school, how to take the casual teasing in a jovial way, helping friends during the time when they need us, etc.
  • The animation is very good and improves our creative thinking power as well, as we try to replicate those drawings at home

The best part is that most of the episodes are only for 10-minute duration, which would allow me to watch multiple shows in a short span of time before my TV watching time gets over. So don’t forget to watch the Bhandbudh aur Bandbudh series on ZEE5 Kids. This is one #NonStopBachFun for all the kids during this forced school closure and lock down. What are you waiting for? Please tell me what is your favorite show on ZEE5 Kids?