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Today, I am going to introduce to you all a new living goddess. This goddess can still be seen around and there since ages. Can you take a guess as to who it is? Her name starts with the letter T. Yes, you heard it right, its none other Tulasi devi, who is worshipped as living goddess in every Hindu household. Want to know further details, then read below:

Tulasi Devi has manifested into all the Tulasi plants due to a boon given to her by Lord Vishnu. There are a lot of stories associated with Tulasi and how she has become a plant. But what interests me mainly is the following story.

Tualsi Devi Story:

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Picture Credit – Google: Tulasi Plant

When Satyabhama tried buying Krishna from Narada, after giving Krishna to Narada as a Danam (alms), Narada asked Satyabhama to get a balance and he made Krishna sit on one side of the balance, and asked Satyabhama to put her coins and everything so that it would become equal to the weight of Krishna. Once both the pans become equal, Narada would take away the treasure from the other pan and then leave Krishna.

So Satyabhama had put all her jewelry, money, rice and everything. But it never became equal to Krishna’s weight. So she started crying and didn’t know what to do. Then Narada himself has suggested Satyabhama ask for Rukmini’s help. Can you believe what Rukmini Devi got from her house?

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Picture Credit – Google, Krishna getting equal with Tualsi

Hearing this story, Rukmini Devi immediately rushed into her backyard, prayed to the Tulasi Devi and took a small part of the plant, with four leaves from that plant and rushed back to the place where Krishna is still sitting in the balance. When she has put this Tulasi leaves, the balance became equal. So the problem got solved at that point of time.

But it left lot of questions in my mind asusual – how can four leaves equal the weight of Krishna? I tried doing the same exercise at home with my dad, but it didn’t work out. So was wondering what’s the secret behind this whole story. Then my granddad and mom explained me that this story describes the utter devotion of Tulasi devi towards Lord Vishnu. And only because of this reason, the balance became equal.

Why we should still call Tulasi as Living Goddess:

Current day’s medical research proves that the Tulasi plant has a lot of medicinal properties. My mom uses those leaves to make me some green tea, whenever I get cold or cough and immediately I would get the relief. Also, another reason, why Tulasi is grown in front of the house is that this plant is a proven mosquito repellant too. Also, Tulasi plant gives a lot of fresh energy, whenever you go near to it and that’s why my granny lights diya daily in the morning and evening to this living goddess – Tulasi plant.

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Shravmusings – Indian Mythology Series

So these are the only few benefits I know of the living goddess, Tulasi plant. But there are still a lot more it seems. So in case you know more, please let me know. Till then, feel free to read my other articles for #A to Z Challenge here. I am happy to be participating in #BlogchatterA2Z and #AtoZChallenge. Meet you tomorrow with another letter, have a good day till then.