Now that Monsoons have started in Chennai, my relationship with rains have gone again to another level. Every season, my relationship with rains would change. I hate summer rains, I like monsoon rains, I hate winter rains and spring rains are the best!! Wonderign why I am having this Love Hate Relationship with Rains? Let me explain it little better.

Here in Chennai, the Summer rains would typically come in the evening that with damaal dhumeel sounds. Didn’t understand it yet? After the intense heat in the morning, which would be very sultry, suddenly the sky would turn pitch black and the rains would start in no time with heavy winds. Then comes the loud thunder sounds, which I hate as I don’t like those sudden loud noises. Even my pet brother gets scared of them.

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But Monsoon rains are soo sweet, we will have the rains whole day. It would be steady drizzles and I love to play in them. Even my pet brother comes out and plays with me some times. We both dance in the rains. The best part of these monsoon rains is that, we would always have the hot soup or green tea ready for us in the house. As soon as we start feeling little cold, we can go into the house, change our clothes and mommy would give hot soup. After drinking the soup, we can go out into the rain and mommy would never say anything. Also, the long drives during monsoons would be very good. We can stop to eat hot corn or mirchi bajji you know?

Winter rains are so boring, already it would be cold outside and if at all if rain comes also it would be very cold and my mommy will not allow me to play. Also my granny gets worried that the crops would get spoiled if it rains in winter. So I always pray to my friend little Krishna and rain god not to rain in winters you know.

Spring rains are the best out of all rains, as it would get us the nice fresh scents from the earth and blooming spring flowers. We would have missed rains for a long time right, so my mom would also join in me celebrating the spring rains. That’s another reason why I like the spring rains. What about you friends?

#WordsMatter, Shravmusings, Love Hate Relationship with Rains
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