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J – day

I come here once again in front of you all, with the letter J for the #AtoZ Challenge. This time I am going to talk about the big bird Jatayu (Jatayuvu), who is a good friend of Rama, Sita from Ramayana (in Indian Mythology). There are a lot more characters that we can easily recall the letter J, but I wanted to talk about Jatayuvu due to the story narrated by my granddad.

My granddad introduced me to Jatayu first time when I hurt my back while doing the cartwheel in a very careless way. He told me that even the famous gymnasts or the kickboxers would get hurt if played carelessly just like the big birds Jatayu and Sampati. Want to know what that story is all about?

Jatayu reference in Indian Mythology:

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Jatayu & Sampati

Jatayu and Sampati are cousin-brothers of the biggest bird – Garuda. You know who Garuda is right? He is the vehicle for Lord Vishnu (my friend Govinda) so that he can fly around the world. Jatayuvu and Sampati are best friends apart from being brothers. They used to fly around the whole world in a jiffy and always enjoy life. They are used to having some silly fights to do some time pass. During one such fight, they wanted to know who is the strongest and fastest among them. So they decided to fly along with Sun (Aditya) and go around the world.

Next day, in the morning they started flying along with Aaditya high up in the sky. But as you all know Aaditya goes very fast as he rides the seven-horse chariot. So after some time, the younger bird Jatayu started getting tired and was about to fall down. Then the elder one Sampati used his wings like an umbrella for Jatayu so that Jatayu wouldn’t get tired of the hot sun. But in this process, Sampati burnt his wings and fell off. Jatayuvu also fell down after a while. But they both fell down in different directions, and couldn’t meet afterward, as they both lost their memory and the sense of where they are at that moment as they got burnt by the sun.

Jatayu appearence in Ramayana:

During Rama’s exile in the forest, when Ravana tries to take away Sita from Rama, its Jatayu who fights with Ravana for a long time and in fact unseats Ravana from his chariot flying in the sky. Then Ravana takes up his big sword and cuts both the wings of Jatayuvu.

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Jatayu then waits for Rama to come in search of Sita. Then he passes the information that Ravana has kidnapped Sita and flew in the south direction to Rama and Lakshmana. Then he dies off in Rama’s hands. Jatayu is the first person to know whereabouts of Sita after she got kidnapped by Ravana. Then Rama meets Hanuman and sends off Hanuman in search of Sita in the south direction.

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When the group of monkeys along with Hanuman reach south, they were still not able to locate Sita. So they get tired and very disappointed. In the meantime, they meet Sampati, who couldn’t fly and eyes these monkeys as his prey. But Sampati overhears the monkeys talking about Jatayu and Rama, Sita and realizes that these monkeys are out to help Rama only. So he tells them the direction in which Ravan flew his chariot and also tells them how far his island (i.e., current day Sri Lanka) is from that place.

My Lessons from Jatayu – the biggest Bird

I think, birds also behave more like us human beings and they also want more friends just like me. So these are the points that I would like to carry forward from these two biggest birds in Indian Mythology:

  • We need to use our strength wisely and very cautiously.
  • One shouldn’t use our time for silly fights
  • Also, we should never forget our friends and always be there to help them.

So, Friends, this is my story for today with letter J. Tomorrow I would be back with another letter. Till then, have a nice day. This post is a part of the #A to Z Challenge and #BlogchatterA2Z series for letter J and I am happy to be part of these challenges. You can find my other articles for this #A to Z Challenge here.

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