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I – day

Today, I am going to talk about another god, who is worshiped as the King of Heaven’s by everyone. As this god controls all them storms, thunder, and rains. That’s another reason why he is liked by all our kids. Are you able to guess his name by now? The clue is that his name starts with the letter, I, as its I-day today isn’t it?

Introduction to Indra – King of Heaven’s

Indra is another god just like Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. He is assigned the department of Heaven’s. Didn’t understand isn’t it? All gods have distributed the work among themselves equally. So Lord Indra’s responsibility is to manage the storms, thunder and rains. He has to oversee that there are no droughts in the entire cosmos.

My granddad told me that there is one very bad enemy for Indra. His name is Vritra, and he is the king of droughts, and the enemy of water too. He tries to drink all the water from different worlds and store it in his stomach. I just wonder how big his belly would be really. Do you guys have any idea? One day, when I drank two glasses of water itself, my tummy became so big and I was able to hear the sound of water from my tummy. Then how this person Vritra would be, only my friend little Krishna would be able to tell me.

Coming back to our story, so all the people on the earth would keep praying to Lord Indra for sending rains on time. And Lord Indra always sends out rains almost timely. But this naughty Vritra, whenever he wakes up from his sleep, he drinks away most of the water and then drought would come to us.

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Lord Indra

So Indra has to keep fighting with Vritra for releasing waters. During one such fights, Indra has used the thunderbolt from the skies to kill Vritra once for all. So from then onwards, the thunderbolt has become the weapon of Indra. This was because of the conditions in the agreement clause between Indra and Vritra. Just to keep the fights at bay, both Indra and Vritra sat and agreed upon certain conditions, so that the people in the entire cosmos wouldn’t be starved of water.

Lord Indra got into another big problem after killing Vritra, the other demons started coming and fighting him all the time and they were not letting him manage his daily works in peace too. That’s the reason why we keep hearing so many stories, where in he goes running to Vishnu, Shiva or Brahma to save him from the other demons.

There are lot of stories about Indra and Hanuman and Indra and Krishna too. You can find them here.

My take on Indra – the king of heaven’s

So this is the story of our King of Heaven’s my dear friends. Don’t you all think Indian Mythology is really beautiful that the work has been distributed among various gods and we all know to whom we should go for which task? So the other day, I was hearing my dad and granddad discuss the government and its functioning. As I heard that word for the first time, I asked them what does a government mean. When they explained to me, then immediately I asked them is it similar to what Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma, and Indra are managing? My dad and granddad started laughing out loudly and patting me on my head.

Tell me folks, what’s so funny in my question? Government has different departments just like what we have in our Indian Mythology isn’t it? These elders also naa, some times act very kiddish. Don’t you all agree?

So this is the end of my story on Indra – the king of heaven’s friends. Happy to be part of this exciting #A to Z Challenge and #BlogchatterA2Z. Please take time out and read my other articles here.

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