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Y – day

So here comes another day, with yet another letter for our wonderful #A to Z Challenge. Today’s letter is Y. And I want to talk about the Mother of a naughty boy and who in fact, is a god himself. Yes, you got it right and it’s none other than maa Yasodha. I feel that she is just like my sweet mother. Want to know why? Then read further.

Story of Mother Yasodha:

Little Krishna is a very naughty boy like me. Only thing is that he is naughtier than me and gets away with no shoutings from his mom or anyone for that matter. He eats so much butter and drinks away all the milk and curds.

This story has been narrated by my granddad, when I started putting everything into my mouth when I was a small baby. Somehow I really like this story, though have lot more doubts regarding the same.

One day, Krishna’s big brother came running into the house and told Yasodha maa that Krishna is eating sand. Yes, you heard it right. Its sand only and I too tried it when I was a kid and actually it tastes yummy too. So Yasodha rushed out to find out whether Krishna is really eating sand or not.

Yasodha, Mother and Kid, #A to Z Challenge, #BlogChatterA2Z, #AtoZ2019, shravmusingsreads
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When she asked Krishna to open his mouth, he had opened it and guess what? Yasodha could see the whole world going round just like how our globe dolls at home. Seeing that Yasodha got mesmerized it seems and she hugged Krishna tightly without scolding him. I guess Krishna’s big brother would have felt completely unhappy about this incident, isn’t it? I really wonder when did Krishna swallow the globe and how did it get past his mouth? I had asked Krishna to show me that globe during one of my dreamland visits with him. He just smiled at me and showed me new cool stuff to play around and I always keep forgetting this doubt altogether. In case you guys have an answer to my doubts above, can you please answer them to me?

I used to eat a lot of powder when I was really a small boy and after eating, I used to show my mouth to my mom just like how Krishna did, hoping that my mom would be able to see a globe in my mouth. But it never happened. Not sure why though?

Another Naughty Story:

Yasodha, Mother and Kid, #A to Z Challenge, #BlogChatterA2Z, #AtoZ2019, shravmusingswrites
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Krishna became really naughty that day and was not able to sit at one place. He was not allowing mother Yasodha to work also. So she got tired of him and told that if Krishna doesn’t behave properly, she would tie him to the grinding stone nearby. Guess what, Krishna ran away from her asking his mother to catch him. She had to run very hard to catch Krishna. When she finally caught up with him, she used a thread to tie him to the grinding stone nearby. But then also Krishna didn’t sit quietly. He crawled all the garden and broke two huge trees also. Now you all can understand how naughty he is right?

Once when I was also naughtier like little Krishna, my mom got so tired of me and she said she would keep me in the attic high up so that I won’t mess up the bedroom again. Guess what did I do – I told my mom that I would jump off from attic and Krishna would come and catch me up and I am not afraid of heights. Then my mom got really scared and got me down immediately. From then onwards, she started praying “Yasodha maa – please give me some of your energy levels to manage this Krishna’s friend“.

Let me tell you a secret – whenever my mom says the above sentence, I know that she is really tired and I would immediately, become a calm and good boy. I will not trouble her for some time. Once she gets over her tiredness, my naughtiness would start off again. Don’t tell this to my mom friends. Deal OK?

My take on Mother Yasodha, the sweetest mother:

I think my mother is like Yasodha only, the sweetest as she also never hits me and only scolds me now and then. When I told this to my friends in the school, they also told me that their mothers are also sweet. So my guess is that all the mothers are sweet. Don’t you all agree?

So, Friends, these are the stories of my interest in the Mother Yasodha. Hope you liked them. Please click on this link to find more stories from my end for this #A to Z Challenge. Have a nice day and see you tomorrow with the last letter in the
#BlogchatterA2Z and #AtoZChallenge .

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