Wow, what an amazing journey we all had till date. It was an awesome month for all of us visiting so many places on a daily basis. Just imgine how beautiful it would be if we all can have wings and go to that particular place the #Xplorer of the day is taking us isn’t it? That’s what, I always tell my friend little Krishna to give me wings in the real world too, but he gives them to me only when he is next to me in my dream world only. Don’t know why though?

So just to make it easier for you all my mommy and her friends have decided to bring this weekly summary to you all. So here comes the Week 3 summary.

  1. Vizayanagaram

Week 2, started with the town am scared off the most. You all know why isn’t it? I am scared off going on the road which leads to Vizayanagaram, as we need to pass through the Sainik school there and my mommy might join me there any time, as naughtiness is in my blood as my mom says. Otherwise, this is the land of kings is to be experienced town only.

2. Ahmedabad

Next we entered the city of Amdavad or Ahmedabad. Last week only we started learning about the “Father of the Nation” and my aunties in the school mentioned about this city. But thanks to Stuthi aunty, I had already visited this city in the virtual manner. I want to even try out the Methi na Gotta and participate in the kite festival next year. So asking my mom and dad from now itself.

3. Dharmshala and Khajjiar

We had hiked up the Himalayas to visit this Himalayan town, Dharmashala with Supriya aunty. Aunty has described the vivid hues of sunset and the beauty of this town so nicely that I had already told my friends that we should visit this place for this year’s summer holidays. Also, how can we forget the “Switzerland of India“. Yes, that’s Khajjiar for you. Have you guys booked your tickets yet, if not, then you can definitely plan for this place?

4. Pachamari

From Himalayan hill station, we had come all the way down to Madhya Pradesh to another hill station called Panchmari. The serenity of this hill station has been best described by Isha aunty in her article. This place makes you feel like settling down for a while there forgetting all my classes and school. Maybe I can just keep dancing in this place to my content without any travel in the future.

Panchamari, incredibleindia
Picture Credit : Isha from imnmore

5. Nainital

From Panchmari, we had come down to visit another hill station in lower Himalayas and its the city of lakes this time – Nainital with Jennifer aunty. This is the place where we went during the last December. The beauty of this place and the wonderful boat rides were described so accurately that I felt like I went back in time this time.

Nainital xplorebharat BlogBoosterIndia
Picture Credit : Jennifer from shanndaarjenie

6. Lucknow

From Nainital, we went to the land of nawabs, yes that’s Lucknow for you with all its old world charm. We can revisit our history books by going through this little town along with Vartika aunty. The kababs from this place will be there all the time to satisfy the hunger pangs. The chaste Hindi we hear in this region is totally different from what we hear back home in Chennai.

Muskuraiye aap Lucknow me hain!
Picture Credit: Vartika from Vartika’s Diary

7. Kanyakumari

All the way from Nainital, we had traveled to the tip of our country. That’s nothing but Kanyakumari – the land where the seas meet from all the three sides. Jai uncle has given a detailed tour of Kanyakumari along with nice pictures.
Picture Credit: Jai from Jaispoetryblog

8. Ranthambore:

From the tip of India, we had to really take a long jump to see Royal Bengal Tiger in Rajasthan. Yes, you guessed it right. Mayuri aunty took us to visit the White Head in Ranthambore forest. Her close encounters with Arrowhead kids are really exciting. We need to pack our bags at the earliest to see them in person.

Roar- Ranthambore-Sirimiri
Picture Credit: Mayuri from sirimiri

We end our week 3 with the adventurous trip to Ranthambore. But there is more coming in the next week. And there is still a month to complete our trip across #IncredibleIndia. You can maybe visit our BBI home page for more details on the places we have visited so far.

On the occasion of Woman’s day, I think you all aunties and mommies should plan out a trip all alone to enjoy yourselves. Do you think that would be an interesting idea. My mommy keeps threatening me when I am really naughty saying she would go on a vacation on her own as she needs a break. But may be I am becoming more naughtier. I am thinking of helping my mom little bit starting from today. What say folks, how do you want to wish the aunty/akka sitting next to you, so that you can make her happy all the time?

The hosts team wishes “Happy Women’s Day” to you all and to our wonderful sponsors too!!

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