Today our #XploreBharat blog train landed in the Steel City, also called as Tata Nagar or Jamshedpur after visiting the Vasco da Gama, Goa with Manas uncle. I would be your guide to the Tata Nagar for today.

The reason why we came to Tata Nagar today is to cover another ancestral home of my family this time. This is my granny’s ancestral home and she wanted me to come here and meet her brothers and sisters. We came mainly to see our Jagan dadaji here. And he told me a lot about the history of this place.

Bistupur, Jamshedpur, TATA Nagar, Jharkhand, #XploreBharat, #BlogBoosterInd, #Incredibe India
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As soon as we landed in Jamshedpur, my daddy’s bhabhi came to receive us in the station and I got horrified seeing the crowd and all. But later, when bhabi started driving the car, I was equally impressed with the wide roads that are lined with big trees. My mom told me that we should call these roads are canopied roads. I thought how much fun it would be to cycle under the shade of these trees. Most of these trees have pleasant smelling flowers too. My dad took us for a walk in the early morning and it was really a divine feeling you know. Like how you would feel on a rainy morning in Chennai.

As this is the ancestral place of my granny, its not only me who got the pampering here, even my granny got it too. The glow in her face after coming here is totally different and she keeps going up and down the stairs so many times without getting tired. She gets so many icecreams and sweets here as her brothers keep getting them for her. At home, she would keep giving everything to me. Maybe that’s because of the magic of the ancestral home. What say, folks? Did you guys ever experience it?

Bhabi is one cool lady, who keeps going everywhere to fetch what and all we might think. We don’t have to ask, even if think about some food item or my grannies are about to look for some missing item in the kitchen, it would be there in front of us. As she readies it for us. Mommy tries to do like that some times in Chennai. But bhabhi is really good at it.

Jubliee Park

Jubilee Park, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, Tata Nagar, #XploreBharat, #BlogBoosterIND
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Bhabhi took me first to Jubilee Park. This park has been built by the Tata group of companies. And its nice big park for the families to relax in the evenings or early mornings. There are so many flowers and nice musical fountain is also there. There is a separate play area for the kids with rides also. There is also a lake, where people can relax and go boating. It seems as kids my dad and all his cousins go there almost regularly during the summer holidays.

Jubilee Park, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, #XploreBharat, #BlogBoosterIND
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Russi Modi Centre of Excellence

This place is very near to Jubilee Park. After hearing my questions about Jamshedpur, my grand dad’s have decided to take me here and show me the person who is responsible for creating this city. The entire history of this city has been preserved here in this place. Also, this place houses the history of Tata group of companies. I am not able to completely understand it though. It looks like its a huge company and they produce a lot of stuff. Otherwise, how can they build a city like Jamshedpur out of nowhere?

Russi Modi Centre of Excellence, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, TataNagar, #XploreBharat, #BlogBoosterIND
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Can you believe that that name Tata Nagar came to this city, as Tata Steel company is here and Tata’s are not only responsible for this city’s planning, they still maintain this city and provide all the required power, water, and everything? I really like their idea. I think they are like those big Kings like Shivaji and others whom my aunties refer in my Montessori house whenever they tell stories.


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The street food here is awesome. That’s the reason why my mom and her cousins go out almost daily to eat various items on the street like momos and chats. There is one uncle who comes on a cart and makes us hot dosa’s in this place. I have never seen such carts in Chennai. The dosa’s he makes are really good and he comes to our house whenever our bhabi calls him. So we had a dosa picnic at home itself.

Rankini Mandir:

Rankini Mandir is one of the oldest temples in Tata Nagar. My grannies took me there, as this is my first visit to Jamshedpur. The main deity is Maa Durga here and my grannies come here almost daily since their childhood it seems. This is the most famous temple in this city and would be very crowded during the festivals it seems.

Rankini Mandir, Jamshedpur, TATA Nagar, Jharkhand, #XploreBharat, #BlogBoosterIND, #IncredibleIndia
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History of Jamshedpur:

Tata Nagar has completed 100 years recently after it’s been constructed. When Tata Steel factory was established here, a lot of people have migrated here and they were not having proper houses to live then. So the Tata family decided to build a town for all their workers so that they all can live in peace here. Isn’t it amazing to hear how a city came into existence? That’s why most of the people who live there are connected to the Tata business empire in one way or the other.

This city is one of the well-planned and rightly built by Tata Empire and that’s why UNESCO has given some award to this city it seems. But what I like more about this city is the wide roads and the green cover on both sides of the road. Though traffic is there, these green trees are making this place pollution free and we can walk for long distances without getting tired. I wish all the cities learn this and grow more trees like Jamshedpur.

The next visit to our #XploreBharat train would be Aurangabad with Pragnya aunty.

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