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Today, I am coming with letter X, and there are no equal consonants in Indian languages for this letter. But since the consonants in Indian scripts are higher in number, people use multiple consonants to make few words which contain the letter X. There are very few words or characters that we can pick up using the X-consonant. One such word is Xankar Nadham.

Introduction of Xankar nadham:

The original X consonant can be compared to that of “झ” sound in Indian languages (Hindi, Sanskrit or Dravidian languages like Tamil, Telugu). There are certain arguments that equate the X sound to “ksh” sound also, in Indian languages. But this trend came into being only after people started using numerology to decide upon their kid’s names. Some examples of these kinds of names are Xsitij, Xailaja, Xavi, etc. But none of them have the correct X sound. As the correct X sound is not found in Indian Mythology, let’s go with the closest sound for X, which is “झ”.

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The name Xankar nadham is first used to describe the sound emanating from Shiva’s conch, in Indian Mythology. Shiva blows his conch to express his joy during Ananda Tandava (special dance of Lord Shiva) or his anger in Ugra Tandava (angry dance). But the sound emanating from this conch is so powerful that all the world’s beneath Kailasha would also be able to hear this sound it seems. So Xankar Nadham denotes any powerful sound.

Slowly, other poets started using this word “Xankar Nadham” to describe the sound of the string from bow and arrow. When the string is pulled back from the bow, we get to hear a powerful sound, depending on the strength of the bow. So, that’s how Xankar Nadham has been used to describe the sounds of ferocious nature such as a loud, thunderous sound.

Then in the recent past, people started using Xankar beats (jhankar beats) to describe the music. When people started editing the musical songs from movies, few music directors started adding additional high-frequency sounds for their remixes. So the name Jhankar (Xankar) beats became popular. By adding this high-frequency sounds in between, the slow melodies would also be turned into peppy dance numbers in these new remixes. That’s how the music directors could get an additional market for their songs.

My take on Xankar nadham:

Sorry friends, I just understood that Xankar Nadham means a big powerful sound emanating from Shiva’s conch. All the above details have been given by my mom. So today there are no learnings or takeaways from this sound.

So, friends, this is my story about Xankar Nadham for today. Please click this link to read more stories about Indian Mythology under the #A to Z Challenge. Happy to be participating in #BlogchatterA2Z and #AtoZChallenge

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