You guys would have heard the word Naughty lot of times and associated it with kids isn’t it? But hey listen, its not we kids who are Naughty always. Parents also act very Naughty some times. Difficult to beleive isn’t it? But take my word – “Parents are the ones who are more Naughtier than us kids.” Mommy will be the one who would be generally more Naughtier than Daddy. You still don’t beleive me right? I know you all adults have this tendency.

Let me ask you one thing! When do you actually call a person Naughty? When he does some mischeif with out telling every body and tries to hide that mischeif with a grin isn’t it? Now listen to me..I will tell you this story. 
When all of us are sitting at the dining table to eat, and everybody is having a Chapati or Idly on their plates to eat. We kids ask Mom or Dad to make it pieces and give it to us isnt it? In the begining one Idly will have 6 or 8 pieces only in the plate but how come those 8 pieces never seem to finish? Who makes us eat 18, 20 pieces of Idly as though its just 8 pieces. Any guesses here? Its obviously the naughty naughty Mommy. Who else can do this?
Same goes with the Milk…though we take a small glass of milk only initially, how come the milk in our glass never gets over, but Dad can finish off his big cup of Tea? Here also comes the Mommy, who naughtily puts more milk into our glass. 
 Mom and Dad then look at each other thinking we don’t know.

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Are you following me and agreeing with me till now?  I will tell you Daddy’s naughty stories later.

So guys, I am planning to complain about these parents to their bosses. Will you help me in framing my complaint properly? By the way, do you guys know who is the actual boss of these parents, not the office ones? If  yes, please do comment OK? In the mean time, I will ask my friends Krishniah and Govinda to check out about the bosses so that all the kids can go and complaint.

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