Good Morning folks, I got a big doubt in my mind and need your help in clarifying it…

I was getting ready for the school today morning and while getting dressed up, its my favorite game to play with the fan regulator..while playing today, I got a doubt that why cant we have a 10 speed fan. Don’t you all agree that it would be fun to have a 10 speed fan? So I started asking all the questions about the fan to my mom, as to who gave the fan to us and why did he use only 5 speed motor? If that person or the inventor as my mom calls him, gives us a 10 speed motor, then it would become easier for my teacher aunty to teach numbers to kids like us na..she can make each one of us sit next to the regulator and then ask us to change the regulator to various numbers, that way we can learn all the numbers in one single day. Then we can watch the number videos or color the numbers later, but we would know how to recognize all the numbers in one single day isn’t it?
        It was such a simple task to teach numbers to the kids with the regulator, if I become big like Swati aunty (my teacher in the school), then I would definitely put 5-6 regulators in the class room and teach the kids using the regulators, which would make my life happier and I don’t have to shout asking kids to watch videos so my throat would be happy and I don’t have to drink water 3-4 times in the class. 
       Don’t you all agree with me, that its such a simple task, in my mommy’s words, its very simple my dear Watson….(please don’t ask me who that Watson is?, my mommy never explained me so far about Watson, I need to ask her one day about it. The moment she tells this statement to me, I love the expression on her face so would always end up hugging her and kissing her…so in that whole process I would forget to question her who is this Watson…so in case you guys know this Watson story, please do tell me OK? when you would tell me is your choice, by buzzing me or mailing me)
        Chalo then, so far so good, will talk to you later..and meet you real soon, please wait for me next story OK????