Entire last week, we were practising hard for the upcoming sports day. Our P.T. Anna made us run around the park so many times every day, so that our individual speed in running would increase. Also he made us stand for long time to practise the pyramid formation as well.

Do you know, I was supposed to stand on top of the pyramid. I was initially very scared to climb on top of my friends. Had so many doubts as to how would they bear my weight. As my mom herself can’t lift me these days, as I had grown into a big boy now. But my friends are still kids like me right, so how an they lift me up? I think they were all also scared internally just like me. But our P.T. Anna told all of us that we need to trust each other completely and then we can easily accomplish this feat. It took us some time to build that trust Anna wanted among us.

Anna told us that there would be a surprise for us at the end of the sports day, if we perform this pyramid to the perfection. So we were all practising the pyramid regularly and eagerly waiting for the surprise.


Anna took us to McDonald’s post the sports day, but unfortunately it has “Closed” sign as its under renovation. We all got so disappointed as we didn’t expect it, but Anna being very particular about his promise, drove us or another 15 km to another McDonald’s branch. Isn’t it wonderful?

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