As soon as we entered May month my dad told me that Mother’s day is fast approaching and we need to do something special for our mom on that day? Then I asked him what is the significance of Mother’s day. My dad told me that on that day we all would do something nice for our mothers to make them happy and feel special. We should thank our mothers for being there for us throughout the year, day in and day out. 
           When he told me this, the wheels in my mind started turning and I started having lots and lots of questions. Of course you may be right with my Mamma, as that’s the reason why she calls me a question bank as I have 50s of questions for everything…(The biggest number I know so far is only 50 and that’s between us okies?) I wanted to share few of my questions with you, if not all hoping that you would give me better answer. Of course till now, my Mom/Mamma is the only person who could satisfy my curiosity. But now, I am putting the ball into your court, as I am learning the basketball only now.
                How is it sufficient to be nice to Mom only on one day a year…and how can we make her feel special only on one that day? For me my mom is always the special and best person in the world. When I enter into the play school, I will only carry her face with me and would be eager to meet her back after my play school, as I miss her too much even for those 3 hours. I miss her laughter and I miss my play with her and none of my friends in the play school nor the teacher is equal to her. I know she would be waiting eagerly for me to come back as her…So in my thinking, every day is a Mother’s day, as she is there to help me out and I am there to take care of her as the next big man of the house. Since my dad goes to office daily. So I would tell her to eat, take her iron tonic and all…so am I not taking care of her daily…then why should we have a separate day for the same?
             She is my play mate in all my plays and she teaches me soo many things like how a tap operates or how to start a scooter or a laptop. She knows everything in the world. So how can one get angry with her…agreed at times I get angry with her when she talks to somebody else, other than me, but my mom is soo good at multi-tasking that she would ensure that I also would get enough attention from her at that time. So why one should get angry at all on her? She is such a sweet person don’t you all agree?
                          So my question still remains as it is, as to why we need a separate day? Can anybody ignore a person like Mom the entire year? I cannot seem to get over those 3 hours at school and how can people not see their Mammas for a year? Can you please explain me this?
            In my opinion, every day is a special day with Mom, as she is so genius that she would not make it a boring day and every day is an adventure for two of us. We do new experiments daily and learn a lot of things daily…what say folks?