Howah Howah Friends…hope you remember this special greeting of ours. I am finally back from vacation with a bang and even Govinda has become free after all the festivals. How was your vacation? What did you guys do.

        I had gone to visit Godavari, as I wanted to meet her for a long time you know…Finally, my daddy and mommy took me there. We went by train and spent lot of time with river Godavari on our boat and I enjoyed talking a lot to her. I had to share lot of my stories with her you see…I will tell all the stories Godavari told me in a different story. But this blog is to tell you what and all I had to encounter while traveling to Godavari.

I told you that I went in a train to Godavari right…so as soon as the train moved from Chennai station towards Rajahmundry, I went and occupied the window seat and started watching out. Lot of questions came to my mind. How I can just sit in a single place and not feel the movement, while train is running so fast? Even in the car, I can feel some jerks and some movement right. Then there was an aunty sitting next to me and she started laughing out loud telling my mommy and daddy that they have a tough job in hands. Can you please clarify what that tough job means? I am a big boy right, not a job naa, then why is she calling me a job? Can’t she see that I am not a job. Because she is laughing at me I didn’t ask all these questions that started churning in my head then and there, I reserved them till late night and started asking my mommy. My mommy just hugged me and told me that she will tell me later.

Next came the Auto uncle, who literally fell down from his driving seat, when I asked my mommy why doesn’t trains have tyres. If they have tyres, then they can also run on roads naa, then they don’t need tracks, and we don’t need to spend so much time in laying them straight and maintaining them. Guys, honestly, I could also forgive that auto uncle, as he is new to me and doesn’t know me.

Then the fellow people who stayed in the huts on river Godavari along with us, started laughing at me again when I asked my daddy why those keechurallu (crickets) are crying so much in the night. Wont they have their mommy with them and is that the reason why they are crying? That’s when I lost my cool you see, I screamed like that cricket at the pitch of my voice and started crying. Guys tell me seriously, is asking questions that bad?

That’s the reason why I always reserve my questions only to mommy you know. Daddy obviously comes tired from office and so he wont have time for my questions. My grand dad cant answer all my questions.  At times, when my mommy gets tired, then I reserve my questions to my friends Krishniah and Govinda.  So don’t you all agree that I am a reasonable kid and doesn’t trouble every body with my questions. If you agree to my point, please click on the like button please…