The other day I heard my granny talking to somebody over the phone and she was mentioning that’s my voice has gone.

So I was thinking that where can a voice go? It don’t have legs to walk or runaway right. So how can it go somewhere. Then I thought that if voice can’t walk then some body should have come and taken the voice away isn’t it? Just like how we move the chair from one place to the other. Of course a chair has legs but still it can’t walk right? Do you know the reasons why a chair can’t walk? Ohh no. This is a very simple reason actually. A chair doesn’t eat right, so that’s why it doesn’t have  any energy to walk. That’s why it always sits at a place. Don’t your parents scold you to not to become a chair when you guys don’t eat.

So now comes to my question back, who is that person who has taken my granny’s voice. What will he do with that voice? Why will he collect voices. I initially thought that my brother Johnny has hidden the voice under sofa or some thing like that. Just like how he hides my mommy’s scarf under the bed so that she can’t go out. I thought that my granny talks a lot so Johnny wanted to hide the voice some where. So I searched all the house up and down, but couldn’t find it out.

So now I asked my friend Krishnaiah to help in finding the voice of my granny and krishnaiah only smiled at me and said don’t worry it will come on it’s own. But I didn’t believe him. So I called up my dad and asked him to call up Police uncle and ask him to come home. I am such a small boy and if I call the police uncle he wouldn’t come home. My dad asked me why and I told that granny’s voice is gone and not to be found any where and we have to report it police so that they can search out for the voice and get it back to us. Daddy also started laughing and tell me to go and play.

Why do these elders don’t take my words seriously at all. Why they always treat me like a small kid. Can any one of you help me find my granny’s voice?

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