Who says reading Newspapers is not good?

Now that summer is fast approaching and am about to complete my Pre-KG, I want to start reading like my Mommy and Daddy. I always love books and Newspapers and I guess by now, you all know about it isn’t it Friends?

      So I started picking up the Newspaper as soon as I wake up in the morning. My Daddy or my grand dad would immediately come and pick that paper from me. They wont even give me time to smell the News paper to my heart’s content. I really like that smell of fresh news paper and also the soft touch of the same. But by the time I get to lay my hands on that paper, it would be all crumpled and that fresh smell would have gone and I don’t like it at that time. That’s why I end up tearing it into pieces and playing with those pieces. And seeing this my Mommy tells me that – just for this reason alone my dad or the grand dad doesn’t give me the Newspaper. Even she doesn’t understand my actual feelings for the News paper…what to do 🙁

         One weekend, when my Mommy is busy cooking the breakfast, my dad sat with me and was reading the Newspaper..so I somehow managed to pick up the small news paper, with out disturbing my Dad and started reading it. Seeing this, my dad was totally amused and he started teaching me how to read. It was such a fun activity. Now we do this every other weekend, sending my Mommy to prepare the breakfast. Otherwise, my Mommy would tell my dad that Shrav is too small to start reading and let him just play…Guys, can you please tell how does age come into the decision making factors for reading. When I feel like reading, I just have to read…so after umpteen arguments, now my Mommy also conceded and told me that I can start reading after the school closes for summer. Hip Hip Hurray…so Now, I can’t wait for the summer holidays to start…


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