My mom & dad  have to grow up a lot, as still they dont understand my language…Not sure, when they would learn that..I am getting tired of teaching them daily…they are the slow learners and if I scold them, they laugh at me, thinking its another new trick of mine 🙁 

Crawling is soo tedious and difficult that it exhausts totally and i still havent got the knack of it..I am already soo old, when would i learn crawling..i keep asking my friend (Hanuman) everyday and he also laughs at me for that question..every night he waits for me at the door step and takes me into the kid world, which is full of fun, with out any difficulties. There I am able to crawl very easily, but not on this real world…I have to ask this question to him next time, why this difference? Apart from Crawling, the other most difficult activitiy is bringing my mom & dad  upto speed with my thought process…for everything and anything, they just laugh at me and hug/kiss me…soo can they do this to a grown up boy…i feel soo ashamed u know..

     I want to go to office along with my Dad, as he is having wonderful time at the day, I got ready along with my dad, when he was wearing the neck tie, I also grabbed one and got ready (look at the snap above) and asked my dad to take me to the office…both my mom and dad laughed out loud and gave me a big lecture, saying that i am too young to do all that stuff…wont they understand that i had already crossed my 100 day mark and am big enough to handle laptops and jobs….they are soo easier than crawling you see.. I wish my friend comes to my rescue here and explains my mind to my mom & dad..but he says he doesnt talk to elders…which is ofcourse true, as talking to these guys is the most difficult one to do and i agree with him completely.
      My mom is coming up now, after finishing her chores in the kitchen, so i will sign off for now and would catch up with you guys later…
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