Now that the monsoons have started in India..all the news I get to hear in the TV during the news time is that this place got flooded and that place got flooded. I always tend to wonder why only certain places gets lots of rains and not much of rains in Chennai, during the rainy season.

Last two years we had lot and lots of rains in Chennai and in both those years, the water has entered into my house as well. Once the rain came continuously and other time it came along with big big winds and my Mom and Dad told me that those kind of winds are called howling winds. So from then onwards I became curious as to who would generate these howling winds, and how would they do the same? I tried generating them at home and couldn’t do so.

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When ever a wind comes by, I wonder whether it would turn into a howling wind or not? If yes, how would it turn into howling wind. My mom told me that every wind will not become a howling wind and some doesn’t even qualify to be called as wind, as they are very very mild and are called only breeze. Hearing all this vocabulary, I really got confused. Why do we have to have so many names for a simple wind. Then I have one small doubt. We do have different speeds for a fan in the house right. So are there different names for each speed? If yes, what are they? Then my Mom and Dad gave up on me and told me that I am a big question bank. I will share a small secret with you all. When ever our parents doesn’t know the answers then they will tend to call us question banks or silly babies to avoid the answers. I guess these are the tricks you get to learn in college before you become a Mom or Dad. What say folks?

So I had started using my brain and tried thinking a lot. Finally I found the answer to my question. Just like we have different speeds in a fan, in a similar way the wind speed will be altered through a switch by the Wind God. I guess he would have two switches – one for howling wind and the other for a normal wind. And each switch will have different speeds, which wind god would control based on the need. But I wonder how would he determine the need of the place. I mean which place should he send a wind or a howling wind. I want to know who tells the wind god those places and all. How can he send the wind at a single time to so many different places. Does wind god in US be the same as the wind god in India or is he different.

               Hearing all these questions, my granny told me to and go and meet the wind god and only he can answer all my questions. Do you folks know where does wind god stay? I know his son “Hanuman” and he is my best friend too. So am planning to take his help and try to meet the wind god.  In case if you guys have any better ideas about meeting him, please let me know in the comments.