The other day, my aunty in my House of Children (hope you remember that I go only to a House and not to School, if not please follow my previous articles) showed us a new experiment. It was very exciting to watch the aunty perform that experiment.

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Now we got to know that to compare weights we use Balance and thats the first time we are seeing a real balance our entire life. It was exciting to put various things into it and see how it balances and what it takes to balance both the sides. Me and my group spent almost an hour or so doing this experiment. Luckily my aunty has so many Balances in the shelf that she gave one to each one of us and asked us to check it out.

But while coming back home, the thinking wheels in my head started going round and round. So if a Balance is used only to check weights, then why do we use the same word at other places. Like when I am helping my Mom in the kitchen, she would ask me to Balance the cup properly. But there are no cups in my hand right? When I asked this question to my Mom, then she told me that Balancing also means handling things carefully with out falling. So it put me to another are we Balancing while walking and is that the reason why we don’t fall down. My Mommy smiled and said YES and thats why only small kids or old people fall down when they loose their Balance. So now my next question is who teaches us this balance to walk properly? My Mom told me to go and find out on my own.

Then evening while going out, I saw my Mommy and lot many others were driving vehicles. So I was thinking that may be these vehicles also need the balance to move on the road isn’t it? So I asked my mom can we remove one wheel for the scooter and take it out on the road and see whether it can move freely. My Mom said we can’t do that now and we can do it later. So after coming home, I started removing one wheel for my toy car and check its balance, same goes for my toy cycles and other stuff. Then I hit upon another question, as to how can we decide we need how many wheels are needed to Balance a vehicle. Who decides that? Same way, if we can Balance ourselves on two legs, why do my brothers (pet brothers – Jimmy and Johnny) walk on four legs. So I asked them to walk to two legs only and they both scowled at me.

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Ohh God!!! Somebody please really help me. A small experiment in my school is giving me so many questions and nobody is out there to clarify them for me. Even my friends Govinda and Krishniah seems to have vanished as soon as I started asking questions about Balancing. Any idea why is that so? Can somebody show me where Govinda and Krishniah are hiding. I think I will meet Krishniah on his coming birthday on Monday and will ask him to answer me before he cuts the cake. Is that a good idea folks?

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