The other day, I went to the near by supermarket along with my Mom. While browsing the shelf’s I hit upon the shelf in which all the drink mixes are stored. I picked up the Junior Horlicks, as it has an attractive snack box packed along with it. I am still hunting for a new snack box as the school year is about to begin. (Let me share the secret – I got a Mickey Mouse box already, but this one seemed more attractive).

              When I showed it to my Mom, she told me that you wouldn’t drink the Horlicks at all now a days. So its a waste of money, lets not buy it. But I told her that I would drink like how I used to do in my childhood regularly, so I need not only the Horlicks jar but also the Mcqueen coffee Mug on the opposite shelf (ha ha, two birds at a single shot – poor my Mom believed me). So my Mommy got me two goodies, which I can show it to my brother, who is a big jealous brat you know. 
            Next day, my Mommy gave me the Junior Horlicks in the Mcqueen mug to drink and went to the garden to water the plants. Can you guess what I did? 

         I gave off my Horlicks to my big brother and went to the kitchen and took the Horlicks bottle and started eating it. The taste was very good you know, better than mixing in the milk and drinking it. It just gets struck like the baby powder in my mouth, so I can savour the taste for ever. So I had quite a few spoonfuls of the same, in the mean time my mommy came into the kitchen and saw my face..then guess what happened? “SCREAM..SCREAM..YELL and YELL”

      I don’t understand all that SCREAMING language you see…what is that so called big difference in eating and drinking Horlicks? Can you guys help me understand it please…

Picture Courtesy: Google