YaY! I am very happy these days. You know why? I was waiting for a long time as to when will our school reopens?

All this summer, though I had a lot and lots of fun with my cousins, I was missing my school gang and the fun we used to have during Park time or Yoga time. Wondering how to have fun during Yoga time. When you have your own gang of friends you all can have fun anywhere and everywhere. Our aunties really get tired of us, as we can’t just sit still and chant Omkaram for a minute continuously. I can meet my school friends only after the school reopens, isn’t it?

You know the other day, we went to the park for our physical training (P.T). There normally we do warm up exercises before we start practising our football or any other game. While doing our warm up exercises, A’s shoelace got untied. Me and H were eyeing that shoe lace only. So now guess what happened? You all expected A to fall down or I like a very good boy warning A about the fall isn’t it? But No, I fell down, as I didn’t concentrate on my jump rope as my entire concentration was on A’s shoelace.

But you know what? I didn’t feel the hurt, as my friends came and helped me and shared their watermelon with me. That’s what the friends are for isn’t it?

The other day, during our Art time, we started with a simple painting, and slowly we are moving towards a bigger canvas. At that time, what happened was that H has dropped blue paint on his white shorts. What do you think we all did? Instead of letting H, wash his shorts, we all took our brushes and changed that blue drop into a big bird. A bird sitting in shorts is funny to watch isn’t it?

Now, tell me will you get this kind of fun in the house, even though you are with a gang of cousins. Schools give us unlimited options to enjoy with friends. We only have too think creatively and use the chance.

The other day, when we were doing our gardening, we found out a small cuckoo bird in the big mango tree outside our school. So we all left watering the plants and started imitating her. When our aunty came outside to see why our group has not come inside even after 10 minutes, she saw us merrily replying back to cuckoo. Our aunty was so nice, she told us to water the plants and talk to the bird. So we just did that.

It’s not that we only have fun, we also learn a lot you know, our aunties keep so many interesting work activities for us that we daily have a tough time to decide which activity to learn or practise.

So friends, do you want to share any funny incidents that happened in your school? I want to hear more from you all. Also, please let me know how eagerly you guys waited for the day the school reopens, in your childhood? In fact, this weekend, I am going to ask my dad and mom also to talk about their schools and the fun they had in the schools. I really wonder why my parents have not gone to the same school. I think I should find out the reason behind it sooner.