As its raining heavily today, all the schools including our Montessori house is closed today and so I stayed at home and was playing in the morning. At times, my big brother Johnny used to come and sit with me and observe my playing or just gaze out of the window at the rain. But it would soon get bored and go into the bedroom to sleep.

My Mom was busy in the kitchen preparing the lunch and I was all alone in the hall. There is a small aquarium in one of the corners of this hall and nice gold fishes keep swimming all the day in that aquarium. By the way, do you know why that aquarium came into our house? I had to feed a pet animal as a part of my last christmas holidays homework. So I wanted another pet apart from my big brother as at times I get scared of him jumping around me. So me and my Mommy went to the shop and got an aquarium and small fishes to swim in that one. I really wonder why these fishes don’t get bored swimming whole day and night. They don’t play any games like me and my brother.

So coming back to today’s story, suddenly the aquarium collapsed with a loud noise and my Mom came running from the kitchen after hearing this big sound. But Johnny reached to the place before my Mom. My mom saw that me and Johnny us were looking very seriously at the aquarium. Seeing this my mom started scolding Johnny. Johnny always likes to peep into the aquarium and watch those fishes swim, so my mom thought that again Johnny stood up on the aquarium and was watching those small fishes and the aquarium lost its balance.

I felt so sorry for Johnny as he didnt do any thing. So I told my Mom to relax and stay cool for a while so that I can save my big brother. As he is my body gaurd in the outside world, I have to protect him from my mom’s scoldings as well isn’t it. Poor Johnny can’t even talk like me right? But honestly, I didn’t have the courage to open my mouth and tell the truth. As I am scared that my mom would be angry with me too.

So I called my friend Hanuman for my support and prayed a lot to Govinda to give me the courage. I went and took a water bottle from the refrigerator and gave it to my mom. But my mom was still in the angry mood but accepted my hug and water bottle. I mader her sit in the sofa. Then I told her the truth that I was the one who had hit the aquarium with the football while playing it inside the hall and showed her the football next to the fallen aquarium while sitting down near her legs.

When I Tell The Truth - WOW

Guess what? I didn’t hear any angry shouts from my mom as expected. When I lifted my face, I saw the happy face of my mom and I was totally suprised and didn’t know how to understand my mom. Then after a while I understood that “When I tell the Truth“, it gives happiness not only to me, but to my mom too. She got up from the sofa and hugged me and Johnny. She told me that I have become a big and brave boy now as I am able to accept my mistakes. Do you really think so?


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