When I heard about Greif….

I heard the word “grieving” in the news today evening and then I started thinking when I heard that word for the first time. Then after some time I remembered that entire story. Do you guys want to hear my story? So here it comes:
Long long time ago, when I was really small, Chennai got lots and lots of rains. Hope you do remember that time. Our school was closed for so long and water also entered into houses. Even it came into my house too. Me and family, including my doggy brothers have stayed upstairs only. My mommy and daddy converted my play room into kitchen. We used to cook there only and spend most of the time, when it’s not raining, we used to spend time on terrace. The whole terrace was full of water and it was slushy too. 
I got to see low flying helicopters, army uncles too. But the best part is that I do remember seeing different coloured snakes swimming in the water. Also the superb part is that my Daddy was there with us whole day and for some more days. No meetings, no phone calls from boss aunty. So we played and played. Later after all the water went off to beach, then we had to clean a lot and my Mom and Dad along with other aunties and uncles cleaned the complex. My Dad cleaned my toys. I lost lot of my toys and my battery car too. Then came a big turtle into my house and we named him Joy. I fed him with cabbage and leaves. But the Forest officer uncle took Joy away saying its a protected turtle. 
After some time, the AE (Assistant Engineer from Electricity board) uncle decided to give us power, and we got the electricity and internet back and we had to go back to school which was the worst part you know?
Then after a week or so, we went for a long drive and I didn’t understand why my mom was getting so many school bags, books and pencils. May be 1000 or so, at that time I don’t know the counting beyond ten naa, so can’t tell you that number now. Later my grand dad accompanied us to another place where we gave off all the books and pencils. Some kids were crying along with their parents. So while returning back I had asked my grand dad, as to why they are crying? I thought that school holidays were not enough for them. But guess what, my grand dad told me that “Everyone Else was grieving” as they lost everything due to the floods. Which put me into kind of sad mood too. 
WOW: Everyone Else Was Grieving

So this is my story friends, so now you guys also know where I heard that grieving word for the first time in my entire life.

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