I keep hearing the word “BORED“, very frequently from all the elders around me from so long that I can remember.  Everybody uses that word “BORED” at least once a day. So was wondering what does that word “BORED” mean? I kept asking lot of people about it including my best friends Krishniah and Govinda too. But nobody could give me satisfactory answer. So last week, I decided that now that I am grown up and nearing 6 years, I can also use that word “BORED” you see..finally I had grown right?

So one day last week, as soon as I got from the bed in the morning I told my parents that I am BORED of the school and doesn’t want to go there today. They were totally surprised initially and started asking me where did I picked up that word called “BORED” and what do I mean by that word. As though I know. They themselves couldn’t explain me earlier what “BORED” means and now how can they expect a 6 year old kid like me to explain them? Don’t you all agree with me that they are totally being illogical this time around. So I just kept silent.

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I didn’t brush my teeth nor took bath but sat down stubbornly saying that I don’t want to go to the school as I am “BORED” today. So as expected, my Mom lost her cool first and then my Dad too lost his temper after a while and they both started shouting at me. I didn’t know what to do so I started crying and told them that I am really “BORED” and don’t want to go to school today. So finally they both gave up and left. But they are so annoyed with me that they didn’t give me my toys and removed the cable connection. They didn’t even give me the mobile or IPAD. How can they expect a kid like me to spend time with out any of these things. Aren’t these parents very mean in nature? I don’t know why they have to be so strict with me. My Mom didn’t even play with me properly. When asked, she said that I should understand really what a BOREDOM means and with out understanding it properly I can’t use that word. But do you know what, they can’t take my story telling capacity from me right. So I played all by myself, the teacher auntie role, mummy role, daddy role..what not. Time just flew and it became the evening. I never felt “BORED” actually as there are so many things to do..like watching the white fluffy clouds in the afternoon pass by, listen and imitate the sounds of the birds and squirrels etc. Picking up stones and throwing them down and hearing the noise those stones make. Who really needs toys to play with tell me?

             My Dad came back from work and asked me whether I am “BORED“. I told him that I actually enjoyed a lot and never got “BORED“.  He totally got surprised and asked me what did I do the whole day and when I started narrating the incidents, he lost interest and started spending time on the mobile. So I kept silent.

             Next day, even my teacher auntie asked me why I didn’t come to school yesterday. I told her that I am kind of “BORED“. So she also started laughing and told me that she would make the school more interesting for me. But nobody understands that they don’t have to make things interesting for me. I want to actually understand how people get “BORED” and what does that mean? You heard my story right, whole of yesterday I stayed at home and never got “BORED“. So can you please tell me how to get “BORED” in the comments below? Also please let me know the meaning of the words “I am BORED”