The other day I was watching the sunset from my terrace and all of a sudden I had observed few groups of birds flying V-shape. It was really strange to observe how all these groups are maintaining the same shape while flying. I haven’t seen birds flying like this till today. So I thought that this might be the new flying trick they have learnt in their school today.  So I ran to my Mom and asked her whether she knows where is the birds school in Chennai. As usual before answering me, she came up with another question with her so called amused look on her face. This time, the question is why I want to learn about the bird schools? I want to learn flying is the simplest answer I could give her. My mom’s next question was why do I need to fly? Its simple mommy – What if I get feathers all of a sudden like these birds? So I need to be ready by learning how to fly.

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My Mommy couldn’t control her laughter and asked me again why would I need feathers?  So here comes my story. Do you guys also want to know like my mom as to what would I do if I get my feathers, then join me for my story telling session.

What if I get the feathers just like that on one fine day, then I can fly around Chennai and go to various places as and when I wish. I will not get struck at the traffic jams. I can fly into the beach and see the dolphins jumping around. I can go to my Montessori house with out waiting for my dad to drop me and in the same way, as soon as I finish my work there, I can fly back home in a jiffy with out waiting for my auto uncle to pick me up. That way, I don’t have to miss my mom for a long time you see.

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I can race with the aeroplane while its taking off to see who can fly faster? Of course, I would only win. I can also attend the classes conducted by Mr. Sun along with my best buddy Hanuman. I heard from him that these classes are really fun. We can go around the globe with Mr. Sun it seems. Don’t you all agree that it would be so wonderful. I don’t even have to worry that I might get lost, as my buddy would safely get me back home. If I get tired by flying, he will carry me on his shoulders as well.

Now do you guys agree that it would be fun to have feathers isn’t it? The days would be more exciting. But I just hope that these feathers are not visible to my friends at Montessori house. Otherwise, they would make fun of me.

So thinking all this, made me really wish for feathers. When I asked my mom and dad they told me to pray to the God really hard, so that he can grant me this wish. So friends, can you all please ask God to grant me this wish of mine. May be you can also write a letter to the God just like how we write to Santa before Christmas.  Do you think that if I behave like a really good boy and not trouble my mom then God will grant me this wish of mine? Please tell to the God strongly OK folks?


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