I had a nagging doubt right from the time I started talking. You all know that I have two pet brothers at home isn’t it? I always used to observe them and also at times, when I have the mood, I will play with them once in a while. See the picture below, where in I was using both my dogs for my singing practise.

Can anybody guess, the reason as to why I don’t like to play a lot with them, though they both spend lot of time with me in the same room? Yes, you got it, they wont talk to me at all and they can’t even call mom and dad. So how much I alone can talk to them tell me? They can’t even sing along with me. For playing we need both the parties to talk isn’t it?

So recently, when my mom and I were going for a walk in the park, I happened to see a totally new dog and she was shouting in a very different way. People were chasing her also, I didn’t understand as to why people were chasing her. So I asked my mom and she told me that its howling (crying) because its hurt in the leg and people are chasing her with out treating her.  That’s when I remembered my age old doubt and asked my mom about the same. As to why the dogs can’t talk just like us? If they can talk, then this problem won’t come up right? Also my mom is a super woman, don’t you all agree that she is able to understand the dog’s sounds also.  Then my mom smiled and said that its because god has decided that all of us should have different languages, so that no problems would come in between us. Do you think that this could really be the reason?

Then I thought that if I have some magic wand like the Alex uncle (magicianplease click on the magician to know  more about the Alex uncle and his magic) , then I can make all the animals talk just like us. It would have been so much fun then isn’t it?

Next day morning, Johnny came and woke me up shouting loud and clear in my ears, just like my mother. It was not at all a gentle shake which he used to give earlier. He used to only pull of my bed sheet or push me with his leg. But now, he is talking way too much and no actions at all. The tweety bird, which sings very melodiously near my window when I brush my teeth is singing a pop song and I didn’t like his voice at all.   As soon as I took bath and came out for the breakfast, then the Joy cat outside my window is shouting saying where is the strawberry yogurt.

Oh God, where did all the pleasantness in the morning go!! Earlier it used to be so peaceful with the birds chirping and just a small meow from our cat. Now look at where we landed, I am not able to tolerate this much sound. If I am not able to bear this constant talking for just an hour in the morning, then imagine how it would be the whole day. The pigeons, cows, crows and others also keep talking then we humans can not talk at all, as there would be no space left for us to talk. What say folks?

Image result for bewildered boy cartoon

Picture Courtsey: Google

Krishniah/Govinda, please come fast and rescue me at the earliest. Please make the world as earlier with only humans talking and all the animals talking in their original languages. I made a big blunder of wishing that every body should speak the same language before going to the bed in the night. I guess some angel heard me and changed every thing.

Can any one of you help me in finding that angel, so that we can convince that angel to rewind the world to yesterday and I don’t want to tolerate so much of this noise. Thank God, I didn’t ask for the furniture also to talk. Imagine if they also start talking, where we all would end up?

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