Watapi – the Gastronomic Demon in Indian Mythology

W – day

Today, we are coming across a letter in English which has similar sounding to another letter in the Indian script. The letters V and W can be written with a single letter across various languages in India. I am picking up a unique character for this letter. His name is Watapi. But you can call him as Vatapi too. He is also known as Gastronomic demon.

Watapi is not a god or a human being. He is actually a demon. Funny demon though. Can you imagine a demon who likes food and kills people with food? No right? Then read further for his details:

Story of the Gastronomic demon:

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Badami Area in Orange

Watapi and his brother Ilvala used to live in today’s Badami area of Karnataka. The place where they lived was a big forest area. These two demons constructed a small house in the middle of the forest.

All the travelers who pass by that forest would be invited by Ilvala to come to their house and accept the meals cooked by them. As its a forest area and there is no place to eat, the travelers would go along with Ilvala for food.

Watapi would get converted into a goat, which would be cooked by Ilvala and served to the people. After the people eat their lunch and relax for a while, Ilvala would chant a shloka to bring back Watapi. Watapi would then tear people’s stomach and come out. That way, they used to kill people and accumulate their wealth.

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Atapi, Vatapi with Sage Agastya

One day, the sage Agastya passed that way. While having the food at their place, he realized their folly. So he chanted another shloka before Ilvala could chant. Due to the shloka recited by the sage Agastya, Watapi died in his stomach only and seeing the tragic end of his brother Ilvala also died.

Now, tell me friends are you not curious as to what is the shloka recited by Sage Agastya? My granddad taught me that shloka and now I recite it after every meal of mine. In case you want to know about this shloka and then let me know, I will tell you.

Have you encountered any other gastronomic demons other than Vatapi? If yes, please let me know OK? See you tomorrow with another story for another letter. Till then have a nice day. Click on this link to read my previous stories for this exciting #A to Z Challenge.

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22 thoughts on “Watapi – the Gastronomic Demon in Indian Mythology

  1. This was quite interesting! I’ll have to read your other posts once the madness of April is done 🙂

    Ronel visiting with the A-Z Challenge music and writing: Most Amazing

    1. Thanks a lot for the blog visit and your kind words. It really means a lot to me. I will also visit your blog tomorrow.

  2. I want to know the shloka! I will chant it and kill my calories after every meal!:))
    I had never heard of Watapi. It was entertaining to read about him amd his evil brother and how they were set right.

    1. Its a very simple one liner sholoka only Mayuri. 🙂
      Its “Jeernam Jeernam, Vatapi Jeernam, sarvam Jeernam”

  3. It’s hard to imagine a portly demon, but all food gods are depicted as roly poly, so I imagine a demon would be as well.

    Visiting from A-Z
    AJ Blythe

    1. Very true, this demon is also roly poly as per the pictures in our mythology books. Kids always love this kind of demons only 🙂

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