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Good day! Friends, here we come again to discuss on the stories with V, as its the V- letter day today. So here I come again to narrate about another kid in the Indian Mythology and he is always referred to as the Dwarf God. Yes, he is none other than Vaman from Indian Mythology.

Introduction of Vaman – the Dwarf God:

Vaman is the fourth avatar of Lord Vishnu and my granddad says he is short and sweet as that’s how a human race has evolved over the ages. It seems, that for a small fish to evolve into a human being, it took a long time. Vaman is the first complete human being on this earth.

There is this demon king named Mahabali. Though he is a demon, he is actually very good at heart and an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu it seems. He normally keeps giving a lot of alms to the people who ask him.

Though he is good, his army of demons are not that good and a lot of people on the Earth gets tormented by them. So all the god’s have met and discussed as to how to get rid of the demons. Then they got an idea of sending all the demons to some other place other than Earth.

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So Lord Vishnu wears a new avatar and comes down to Earth as a small boy. Since he is very small and looks very cute, he is being called as Vamana rupa (meaning dwarf one). So that actually became his name – Vamana. After he reaches Earth, he goes and meets the king Mahabali.

Seeing this cute little boy, with so much talent, the king Mahabali feels very happy and tells this boy to ask for a boon. But the King’s counselor understands that this is a trick being played by Lord Vishnu and warns the king Mahabali. But Mahabali refuses to take his words back.

Vamana showing Viswarupam

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Then Vamana, asks for three feet of land. Hearing this simple desire, Mahabali laughs out loud and tells Vamana to ask for something more. But Vamana is adamant as me and asks for that same boon.

Once granted the boon, Vamana grows really big that he occupies Earth with his one leg, sky with another one. His new huge body is called Trivikrama. Then asks Mahabali, where to keep his third leg. Not knowing, what to do, the king Mahabali shows his head and then this small boy Vamana keeps his leg on top of the king’s head and sends him to another world below earth called Patalalok.

My learnings from Vaman:

As per my granddad, we need to understand that even if our friends do something wrong, we are responsible for them too. Since King Mahabali’s army people tortured the people on the earth, like the King he was also sent to some other place isn’t it? My granddad mentions that we should all call Mahabali as a great leader too. Of course, I don’t understand all this completely but listen to my granddad.

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So folks, now you understand about the Dwarf God and his importance in Indian Mythology right? Hope you enjoyed this story. My previous stories are here at this link. Feeling happy to be participating in #BlogchatterA2Z and #AtoZChallenge.

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  1. What a lovely and informative post, I had vague memories of this mythological character only.

  2. When you tell stories from mythology, I get goosebumps. I used to hear them in my childhood from my mother. Whether you believe the story or not, whether it is true or not, one message that is going in the story is once you have promised something, you stand by your word even if it takes your life. That is what Mahabali Bali did to Vamana. He promised to give everything as part of his offering to brahmins. Vamana took, heaven, earth and put a foot on the head of Mahabali.

  3. Nope, I don’t get it, but this whole story is new to me, so it’ll take some time for me to wrap my head around it. But that’s why we tell stories, to learn new ideas, right?

    1. Thanks very well said Liz. Yes all the stories give us only the ideas and we need to think and learn from them

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