I always keep asking my mom, where she will be and when she will be while going to school. My aunties, watchman everybody smiles at my questions as I wouldn’t get satisfied until I hear the answer from my mom for at least 5/6 times. Every day, after my mom receives me from the school, she keeps telling me that I should have trust just like Casabianca. If I tell lies, I would lose trust like that unknown boy who had to fight with the lion. Hope you do remember those stories, if not read down below in my words:

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Casabianca – There is this small boy named Casabianca in Europe itseems. His father is the captain of a big ship. Once during holidays Casabianca had gone along with his dad on to the sea. Then all of a sudden, a huge fight happened between the sea pirates or some bad people and this ship. This boy’s dad told him to keep fighting with the opposite party from the upper deck and in the mean time, he would take the ship away from the bad people and return back. This boy got so much trust on his father that he stayed back there only even when the ship caught fire. In the end, the ship blew up like a big cracker. But luckily his dad had come and taken that boy along with him and they both jumped into the sea.

Don’t you all agree that this boy has got lot of courage and huge trust on his parents. So my mom always says that we should have such a trust on our parents and close friends. Otherwise, we can’t be happy in life. I like seeing the small smile forming at the end of our lips every time I ask the same question. That’s why I keep repeating the questions to her.

Now coming to the second story – even my mom doesn’t know the name of this boy.

But, this boy is always naughty and keeps telling lies. One day he took out his goats for a walk in the jungle. As he got bored and wanted to play a prank, he shouted “Lion has come please save me”. Hearing this boy’s voice his dad ran over leaving all his work. But there was no Lion. After he repeated the same prank for two/three times, the father lost all his trust on the son and didn’t go. But that day, the lion came really and ate couple of goats and hurt this boy as well. So my mom concludes her daily lecture saying that “we shouldn’t lose the trust of our friends and family by telling the lies.

Hope you like the stories my mom narrates. Please tell me your views.

Author’s Note:

I am writing for Day 6 of the “Write Tribe Festival of Words March 2019” – 7 days of writing Bravely. I used the word (Trust) prompt into this article. You can read excellent articles for today’s prompt here. Please click this link to read more articles for #Write Tribe Festival.

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