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To Go out or not to Go out – Toddler’s Dilemma

Everyday in the evening, I see lot of kids playing in the park from my bedroom window. And my mommy says, that I should also get out of the house and complex into the park and play with those kids. Honestly, I am so scared seeing those kids play, tumble and fall in the sand/grass. Though I long for the cool breeze on my face and that’s the reason, why I go for cycling in my complex. Though I am curious and like to watch the elder kids play in the park, I get scared also a lot. What if there are stones in the sand or some big bad insect crawling down in the grass. ohh, I know what you guys must be thinking, that I am big scary pot isn’t it? No I am not scared. Two days back when snake came into our house, I was the one, who first spotted it and wanted to go near that and play with it…so what does that mean? I am not scared of the things I can see, but am scared of the things that lie in hiding in the sand or in the grass. If I can see what is down there below in the sand like how we can see under the water in a swimming pool, I wouldn’t get scared so much. Also I don’t like the feel of the sand on my feet. I feel that the sand particles are pinching me…I can walk bare feet on the road and nothing hurts me, but some how I don’t like the sand. Same thing goes for the grass also.       

 Also, I am scared that the elder boys would push me or pull me, I get tensed up if the older people play the rough games with me. I like to have my own space and freedom to roam around. That’s the reason, why I don’t like to go the parks, where all the older people bully youngsters. My mommy says that I am a big scary pot or a lazy boy and that’s the reason why I don’t like going out. But why don’t you people my friends or Govinda and Krishniah come to my rescue when my mommy calls me that…I always tell you what I feel like right? So don’t you guys have the obligation to support me in front of my mommy? My mommy always pushes me to go the park and play with the kids…and she says that even if I am scared for a day or two, I would get used to the rough play and would definitely play in the similar pattern with in a week or two. But she just doesn’t understand my trauma for that first week or two. Why is that its expected that kids have to only play the rough games, why can’t we play the soft games? Any idea folks?

But on the flip side, if I go out in the evening, I get to enjoy the cool breeze on my face and also I can take my siblings (dogs) out for a walk. I like my brother’s face when he enjoys the cool breeze in the evening…he will drop both his ears to the front and close his eyes and sit on the two legs and would be tilting his head from one side to the other…I always observe him during that time, as I like that pose. Seeing that, I got a doubt in my mind as to why our ears won’t drop like that in front of our face. Then my mommy told me that we do have a ear bone, which supports our ears and she made me touch that one…so now am thinking of removing it some day and see how our ears would be? My mommy says, we can’t remove a bone just like that and we need to go to hospital to remove it and only doctors can do it? Tell me friends, when I can remove any door or a part from my toys and can still play with them, why we can not remove our body parts at our will. We are at the end of the day only a bigger version of the toys isn’t it? So I think, I should ask my close friends Govinda and Krishniah about this and tell them to give those powers to me…but the moment I see them, I keep playing so much with them, that I forget to ask all these doubts. Can you all please remind me this question when I meet my friends.        

Ok then, I will teach you another new word today, Bawwh which means bye bye…this is the code word between me and my dad. Because you are my friends, I am sharing this code word with you all,  how is this new code word….so long for now, bawwh, bawwh….

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