I am back from cricket, but was tired that day, so couldnt post immediately. Sorry for the delay.

         Govinda’s house was a huge huge one. I didnt expect it to be that huge, but its a wierd structure you see..there are no bedrooms nor bathrooms. I wonder where Govinda gets to sleep and where he would take bath. I asked my dad, and he showed me on craddle in a room which is full of mirrors and told me that Govinda would sleep there in that craddle..isnt it odd? I still dont understand these elders at times and they baffle me all these new things.

            First thing we did as soon as we entered into Govinda’s house is that they had put me in a craddle sort of thing, and on the other side, they dumped a gunny bag..so both of us were swinging nicely for some time. My dad told me that its a balance and not a craddle. I dont understand the difference between two. Craddle also swings, balance also swings. Then why should be call balance a balance? Any idea — Can you folks help me understand it.

              Anyways, after that soo called balancing act, we went inside the house and that house is full of visitors and they were all pushing and pulling..i got really scared and hugged my mom. She was carrying me in the sling, so she safeguarded me from all that crowd. Though Govinda seems quite rich, as he has gold plated room and all, he is poor enough not to have electric lights and fans in his house. Even there is no AC. He was living in candle light. So i told my dad to give Govinda some money, so that, atleast he can install electric lights in his house. Then Dad laughed at me and showed me a room where lot of people are sitting and counting the money. He said Govinda is the richest when compared to all of us. Then I wonder, how come Govinda dont even have a light in his room. I asked this question to Govinda’s mother, who was in a different room. She also laughed at me. By the way, i also have another question in my mind..why Govinda’s mother is not next to him, like my mom? I dont like it, if my mom leaves me and goes some where out. I protest very strongly, so that she would always be there with me. So how come Govinda allowed his mom to stay away from him.

           Lastly, Govinda’s servants gave all the people who visited him a sweet. It seems its called Prasadam. My mom told me that its an age old tradition and who ever visits Govinda gets a sweet, to make his trip to Govinda’s home a pleasant experience. So i told my dad that we should also start this tradition in our house and give sweets to all the people who visit our house. So in case if you need a sweet, please visit us at Chennai, so that you can see me and also eat sweets. Chalo will talk to you later, i have to go into kitchen to help my mom in preparing the dinner. With out my expert help, she wouldnt be able to make the tasty food u see…