I have a big doubt nagging my head all the time, as to where the time would fly whole day? Don’t the time have any other work other than flying. My mom and dad always says, Complete this/finish that or otherwise time would go off…So guys can you please tell me where the TIME would go off to? I wanted to ask this question in my school, but alas, even in my school, madam aunty says Do IT, or else time would be over. What does that mean, TIME over means for what and for whom?

           So asked Govinda and Chinni Krishna about this during last night and they both started laughing and told me that TIME is not flying now, and we have all the time to play in the clouds, or visit the Santa’s toy factory. But guess what, they are also wrong. TIME indeed flew, and it was soon morning and i had to again get into the TIME circle to go to the school.

  Why don’t folks understand that at times, I just want to play with my siblings (Jimmy or Johnny) in the morning with out brushing my teeth till the time I feel hungry or at times, I just want to play with the water with out taking bath at all…but my parents just doesn’t seem to understand my moods and they keep running around the house in the morning at a jet speed and they tell me also to do the same…don’t you think its all stupidity… we kids need our own space and freedom isn’t it…I want to see how pigeons feed their babies or how the rose bud blooms in the morning. But this stupid TIME is making us loose so many beautiful things around us isn’t it.  I should tell TIME not to be so fast. But to stop and listen to the nature. I think I will ask my friend Govinda to invent a magic wand, which would make this TIME stop for ever…don’t you think it would be wonderful…no school, no office we can do as what we would please isn’t it.

  Do you guys know where TIME’s house is, or how should i catch it, so that I can have a small man to man talk with this so called TIME and make it understand what I feel. My mom and dad apparently doesn’t seem to know the answer and neither are my close friends…so need your help guys.