During this global lockdown, staying indoors with kids and managing/channelizing their high energies is the biggest challenge for most of the parents. TikTok has started a new campaign initially called #ShabashIndia to increase the morale of the health workers and other primary people helping us to maintain the lockdown. But over a period of time, this campaign got converted to a wonderful stage to showcase the talents. One can see a lot of creative videos trending online on TikTok in the form of viral videos.

Initially, most of the people used it to showcase their funny side only in the TikTok videos. But once these videos started going viral, the other angles started surfacing. Most people started using it to showcase their creative side as well.

Some people started showing their DIY’s and their expertise on various topics like dance, music, and a lot more. Obviously, when everyone is staying at home and if mom and dad are active TikTokers, why would the kids be left behind? They also started using it to show their creative side, by uploading their dance videos, music videos. Even their karate, or physical exercise videos.

Source: TikTok Trending Dance Choreography video

Initially, my mom thought that it’s very unsafe for kids like, yours truly. But later when all my friends started using TikTok kid’s version of the app, I told my mom and she also installed it for me. The child-friendly TikTok app is all safe for the kids. My mom has got all the flexibility to set the parental controls for me on that app. So, now I am able to see my friend’s videos and am also able to upload mine also without any hassle on this app. Of course, the uploading has to be done by my parents only, not by me due to the security features. I had made a lot of new friends on TikTok now and I follow them too for the latest videos.

There are a funny parent and kids dance challenges that went viral on TikTok sometime back and I would watch them regularly. Also, lots of kids are uploading their dance videos on TikTok across the world. So, I get to know the various trends in dancing.

The best is the funny dog and cat videos on TikTok. They are really funny and I love to watch them a lot.

Have you guys ever seen the TikTok trending videos? If not, it’s already too late, as you are missing so much fun. Please do login and watch the TikTok funny videos on the kid’s app and let me know your thoughts.