Hey guys, what’s the matter? You know, you should sound it just like Daisy, rubbing both your hands..thats when the full maaza comes.

           You are all aware of Mcqueen right, he is my favorite car and I like his style of talking and making friends. Krishna says that Mcqueen is the US version of me, as I behave with my friends in the school just like that..the way Mcqueen behaves in the first race. So I keep telling my Dad that he needs to buy me Radiator springs..Its soo cool to have a Radiator Springs of your own right. We can have Sally and Mater for ourselves and Mater is soo fun to be with…Dont you agree?

            Me and Mater can talk through the nights just like Mater and McQueen does, when mommy and daddy falls asleep. These days Jimmy and Johnny are also falling asleep faster than mommy and daddy and Govinda and Krishnaiah would become little busy as the festival season is fast approaching…so I need some company to keep me awake isnt it? Every night, I would have a meeting with Sun God at 11:00 and I need to tell him over the phone at what time, he needs to come to India…otherwise he comes either too early or too late. If comes late, then thats fine, I can skip the school, but if he comes early…then its a pain, as I need to get up early and go for rounds to see whether Balaji, Ganesha and Bessy have woken up or not.. So thats the reason why I would require company till mid night, so that I can fall asleep post that.. I am such a busy boy u see…


            By the way, I didnt tell you about the thinking MQueen isnt it? Do you agree that McQueen is just a car and it cant think too much right, though it can speak, as it has some special powers. But this thinking McQueen can not only think, but also can tell lot of stories and rhymes..guess who has named this thinking McQueen?

            Who else? my super smart dad….he always comes up with the wonderful nick names. So by now you would have guessed that its my nick name only right??? Yes you guys did a great job.

Even my friends Krishnaiah and Govinda liked this
nick name and they started calling me using the same name…Do you know this fact? I also drink organic fuel like McQueen…take a guess what is my organic fuel..its green in color…you didnt get it right? Its the Coconut water….