Last week before our Montessori house has closed for Christmas holidays, our school has turned into stage. Do you want to know why?

While discussing how to celebrate Christmas in our Montessori house, we had come up with the idea to enact a drama. Guess what, our idea was welcomed warmly by all our aunties and they came up with a story by next day. The story was so sweet and short. We were all excited with the various characters in that drama.

All of us were eager to play all the characters. But then our aunties have explained to us that how one person playing a single character would be beneficial for everybody. Then we all sat down and decided who has to play which character. Believe me, none of us quarreled with each other for the characters as we all knew which one would be better for which one.

So we all became super busy with the next set of works. You know what? I chose to be in the costume committee as I want to design the dresses. So we discussed and discussed finally came up with the dresses for every body. We also have to do lot of cutting and stitching to make various ornaments for people. Some of my friends who are good at drawing, drew the back ground for the stage and the people who are good at talking took mike and anchored the program. I even told my aunty that next time, I would like to anchor the program. I think talking on the mike would be very good fun. I want a mike and wrote a letter to Santa also to gift me the mike for Christmas.

Few of us who have good handwriting wrote the tickets and sold them at the ticketing counter to all the parents. Can you imagine how much we got through that sale? We could even buy our own sweets to celebrate the success of our drama, post the expenses. Isn’t it wonderful? Since we all worked very hard for this drama in various roles, we had decided to celebrate it with getting Rosagulla sweet and eating it in the school.

The drama was very successful and we had so much fun enacting two shows for all the parents and grandparents. They all clapped loudly for us you know? All of us have felt very happy and proud to accomplish this completely on our own. So now we are eager to play another drama for parents once again. We are planning to talk to our aunties regarding the same.

Will you attend our next play in the school, if I give you the invitation upfront? Please let me know your comments OK?