After my first annual day dance performance in the school, I had realized that  I like dancing a lot for the music and dancing on the stage is so much fun. So I kept on asking my mom and dad as to when would we go and dance on the stage again.

In the mean time, one day I had happened to see a channel on the TV that contains only dance, while my grand dad was browsing through the channels in TV and that channel is called #Dance with Madhuri on #Tata Sky. So I had asked my mom to subscribe for that channel.

I started seeing only that channel and stopped even my Mickey mouse shows. I liked one particular aunty who was teaching the dance in the channel. Her name is Madhuri and so I learnt lot of dance from her. I started teaching her dance moves to my grand dad too.

She has very cute dance moves and the way she teaches is just awesome. So when ever I used to get bored, I used to do her dance even in the school and my teacher aunty used to always like my dancing. So she never told me to stop dancing.

I used to always think, “What if“, Madhuri aunty comes to visit my place to see my dance. So I used to wonder whether she would come in airplane or train. If by train, which train she would take from Mumbai. So many thoughts used to run in my brain you know?

WOW: What If... Creative Writing Prompt

I really like to dance with her one day on the stage. I want to show her that even I can also dance faster like her for her famous “Ek Do Teen…” dance number. Even today after so many days, if some body plays that song, my legs start moving with out any hesitation.

Will Madhuri aunty wants to dance with me? Will she like my dance? What will she say whether Shrav is a good dancer or not? Will she come to my place to watch my show ever?

Please find my actual dream story about Madhuri visiting my place here.

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