And that’s just the beginning!!

Some Day Some Day, We are going to the rule the World I Know We are going to the rule the World by Zayde Wolf is playing on loop on the speakers and Shrav is totally immersed in practicing his batting stance in front of the mirror in his room. He never heard the knock […]

Prahlada – The obedient boy of Indian Mythology

Welcome to the 16th day of the #AtoZ Challenge. Here I come again, with another story of a small boy of nearly my age this time. By now, you would have guessed it right? It’s none other than Prahlada – the most obedient boy in Indian Mythology. My granddad always tells me this story during […]

Two stories I remember when I hear Trust

I always keep asking my mom, where she will be and when she will be while going to school. My aunties, watchman everybody smiles at my questions as I wouldn’t get satisfied until I hear the answer from my mom for at least 5/6 times. Every day, after my mom receives me from the school, […]

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