A Letter from Kid about the Quarantine Life

Initially, I used to wonder what is happening, as I am hearing a lot about the Corona Virus everywhere. Then one day, the aunties in our school have taken some time to explain to us about this immediate threat that’s spreading to the entire world. All the kids at the school thought that it wouldn’t […]

What are you doing on this Water Day?

Yesterday evening, when I and my mom had gone for a walk in our colony, all the water in the empty plots near my shuttle court got evaporated and I got curious as to what is happening and I asked my mom about the same. She mentioned that the water evaporated due to the hot […]

The day our school turned into Stage

Last week before our Montessori house has closed for Christmas holidays, our school has turned into stage. Do you want to know why? While discussing how to celebrate Christmas in our Montessori house, we had come up with the idea to enact a drama. Guess what, our idea was welcomed warmly by all our aunties […]

Do you know when I will become a teacher?

After joining in this new Montessori house, I started liking my aunties a lot, when compared to the other schools. Now I always dream of becoming teachers just like them. I had asked my mommy to get me a new black board. You know why? I like teaching my kids on the black board, just […]

How to make Grinch Happier?

Christmas is fast approaching as December month has started isn’t it? My friend and granddad Santa is busy in wrapping all the gifts.  But here comes the problem. Grinch is coming to steal away the Christmas. I learnt this story in my Montessori house last week. My aunty there and also the other elder kids […]

Are you aware of the different faces of Mommies?

Hola Friends, how are you all? These days, I am getting into a thinking mood quite often. Want to know why? I am always with my mommy right, so I get a chance to observe my mommy a lot. And I am thinking that mommies have an art of changing their faces. Have you guys […]

The Day Madhuri comes to my house…

After my first annual day dance performance in the school, I had realized that  I like dancing a lot for the music and dancing on the stage is so much fun. So I kept on asking my mom and dad as to when would we go and dance on the stage again. In the mean […]

Buckingham canal and its glory

The other day, we were going for a long drive and had to cross the bridge on the Buckingham canal to go towards the East Coast Road in Chennai.  My granddad became very sad after seeing the state of the Buckingham canal, as it was completely filled with water hyacinth, which mommy grows in a […]

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