Mapa Story is my New Buddy – What about you?

How is this #Lockdown treating you all? I hope by now you all would have got busier with the Online Classes and Schools, isn’t it? I still find so much free time in my hands even after my online classes as well. Reading books all alone is so boring and it gets a little lonely […]

A Letter from Kid about the Quarantine Life

Initially, I used to wonder what is happening, as I am hearing a lot about the Corona Virus everywhere. Then one day, the aunties in our school have taken some time to explain to us about this immediate threat that’s spreading to the entire world. All the kids at the school thought that it wouldn’t […]

My Lessons on Bullying from Mental Hood Series

I and my mom are spending quite a lot of time together these days due to the school closure for COVID-19. The other day, my mom got a call from her another blogger friend asking her to watch the “Mental Hood” series in ZEE5. So yesterday, finally we both have decided to watch the “Mental […]

What are you doing on this Water Day?

Yesterday evening, when I and my mom had gone for a walk in our colony, all the water in the empty plots near my shuttle court got evaporated and I got curious as to what is happening and I asked my mom about the same. She mentioned that the water evaporated due to the hot […]

5 Books that I love on the Pongal Festival

Its that time of the year, wherein everyone in the villages would be busy with harvests and us kids would be eager to visit our grandparents during this Pongal festival. Normally, we get only one or two day’s holiday during this time, but we would take a couple of days off this side and that […]

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