Happy New Year to you folks….so how did you celebrate the New Year?

I didn’t like the New Year, as lot of folks burst end crackers in the middle of the night and my siblings and my birdy friends all got so scared of the sounds. I really don’t understand the fun in bursting crackers, as it causes so much inconvenience to lot of folks right?
Then Pongal festival came running behind New Year and my mommy told me that we thank the nature, the fields and animals for a good harvest..then my immediate question is how do we thank Sun, as he is up in the sky. My mommy told me that we offer prayers by preparing Pongal and offering from down below…how can sun eat it from up? That too what is the guarantee that he would be at our place to eat the Pongal, as he always keeps traveling know? Won’t he get bored of eating only Pongal whole day?
    I have an eternal confusing question. When my daddy went to US he traveled in aeroplane, then also he took 24 hours to reach US but how can Sun go in less than a day to US, which vehicle does he use. My granny told me that sun rides on a chariot with 7 horses. How can chariot go faster than an aeroplane?
My mommy told me that our earth moves and that’s why we can’t see the sun in the night…if the earth is moving then why don’t we feel the movement? When we go by car or scooter we do feel the movement nana…These elders have the way to confuse me.
   So let me tell you my conclusion, both my mommy and granny are wrong…we have multiple Suns and so every place or country has each sun and hence no need for sun to travel. Poor elders don’t understand this and keep telling stories thinking that they can fool me…That’s not possible my dear mommy….
         Think about this logic and let me know if you guys agree or not by pressing the likes….what say folks?