Spring has weaved its magic all over the place. The air is filled with the fragrance of various flowers that started blooming with the onset of Spring. Koel and other birds are not able to keep quiet as their tummies are full of the nectar from the blooming flowers. So, one can hear their continuous chatter and singing from the farms behind the house. In spite of this beautiful climate, Sana is in a very Miffy Muffy mood. No one was able to understand why she is snapping at everyone and is in such a bad sulking mood.

Miffy Muffy Mood:

Miffy, Muffy mood is the word coined by Sana’s mom as Sana always keeps her face tight and sits in a sad mood whenever this mood overtakes her. Her mom calls her a withdrawn kitten too at times when she is not able to bear the tantrums of Sana. This is the first time, Shrav has seen Sana in this mood. He didn’t understand why Sana is behaving very badly like this.

So, Shrav went inside the house and asked Sana’s mom for the possible reason for this mood. When she is not able to give him any plausible reason, he came out to Sana and tried speaking to her directly.

Shrav: What happened Sana – why are you sitting like a withdrawn cat in this corner?

Sana: Go away…I don’t want to talk to anyone.

Shrav: Unless you speak your heart out, we will not be able to understand you my dear…please tell me what happened.

Sana: Yelling, I don’t need help from anyone, I am totally fine and just go away!!!

Shrav: Even, if you yell at me, I don’t want to go and sits on the branch of the tree, under which Sana is swinging.

They both spend some time in silence, just listening to the sounds of birds and watching the changing colors in the evening sky. In the meantime, Shrav observes that Sana’s cycle has fallen wayside, not far from here. He goes and picks it up to notice that the chain has come out of the cycle. He pushes the cycle to Sana and asks if this cycle the reason for her mood. Sana didn’t reply.

Story about Miffy Muffy Mood of Sana. This story teaches Sana about Mindfulness.

Shrav tried putting the cycle chain back to its place and after he fixed the chain, he told Sana that in fact, she has missed the golden opportunity to learn a new skill by sitting and sulking. They both started walking back home…

Sana: Muttering under breath, how I wish, today is Tuesday instead of Sunday.

After overhearing her murmering, Shrav asks what happened? Why she doesn’t want Monday to come.

Sana: I have my Hindi exam on Monday and I am scared that I will fail in that exam, as I am really poor in Hindi.

Shrav: Why are you worried about your future without even reading Hindi once. Let me teach what I would know and he keeps singing Que Sara, Sara, Que Sara.

Sana: What is that new song, can you teach me too?

Shrav: One shouldn’t worry about the future and have to live in the present moment and do our best to enjoy the moment. This song has been taught to me by mom and it’s from an old English movie.

That day evening, Sana practises her Hindi with the help of Shrav. Next day, she returns back from the school in a jubliant mood. And Shrav meets her at the door itself to find out how her exam went.

Later that day, Shrav teaches Sana the song “Que Sara, Sara, Que Sara” and tells her that we need to only live in that moment and if we are worried about anything in the future then, we need to ask for help from others. Taking help from others will teach them a new skill in which those people are experts.

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