Shrav entered the house in a very exciting way. He went straight to his mom and wished her “Happy Women’s Day!!” and hugged her tightly. His mom is surprised by his gesture and asked him where he came to know about Women’s day? Who told him about this? He replied that his aunties in the school told them about today’s significance and asked all the children to wish their moms and all the other ladies in the house about International Women’s Day.

Later, when Shrav sat for snacks in the evening, he started asking his mom about the details on International Women’s Day, why we celebrate, and what’s so special about today. Just then, Sana also entered the house and she also joined the discussion.

Shrav: Mom, can you please tell us why we have to celebrate Women’s day today? What is so special about today?

Shrav’s Mom: Around 100 years back, Russian women have obtained the right to vote and decide their next leaders after a hard struggle. Till that time, though most of the women across different countries were fighting for their rights, this is their first substantial win and hence we celebrate March 8th as International Women’s day.

Sana: Aunty, why in the first place do we have to celebrate Women’s day. Are both boys and girls not equal? I don’t see any body treating me less than Shrav.

Shrav’s Mom: This celebration is about the injustice that happened a long time back to Women and we are still working on giving them equal rights and recognition in various fields. This is still an ongoing effort.

Shrav: Then, how come celebrating one day would achieve the desired result mom? How can we celebrate just for one day and say Women are equal to Men?

Sana: That’s exactly my point too aunty. If I say “Thank you and you are really Awesome” to you today and neglect you later what do you feel?

Shrav’s Mom: That’s the reason why we are educating you kids about the importance of treating both boys and girls equally isn’t it? Maybe, when you grow up, this celebration would no longer be needed.

Shrav and Sana: Then tell us what we should do to get this equality everywhere? What should we do as individuals.

Shrav’s mom: Read and find out from the internet, the need for celebrating International Women’s day and what are the injustices that are being met to the women across various fields.

Shrav and Sana try to understand about the meaning about International Women's Day and the reason why we need to celebrate it in this post by Shravmusings

Sana and Shrav sit down with their laptop that whole day to read about various articles that were published on social media and understand in depth the need for International Women’s Day. They read a lot of sad stories and also a lot more positive stories about how brave women have overcome various barriers imposed by society and families. At times, they took the help of parents to understand few things. Finally, they came up with a plan to made a chart that they’re planning to take to the school and present it to their friends. Here is their oath.

Choose to Follow the golden rules below:

  1. Both Girls and Boys are Equal to each other
  2. Respect all women across various levels of the society
  3. No girl should stop their schooling, just because she is a girl.
  4. Girls can achieve anything. We should stop saying that a girl can’t play this or do this work.
  5. Stop people who talk bad about girls either at home or outside.
  6. Don’t bully or tease a girl

These are few of the rules that Shrav and Sana have decided to follow from today onwards very diligently. What about you friends? Have you made any resolution on this International Women’s day? If yes, please share it with us.

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