It’s Newyear party time and the entire house is decorated with lights and flowers. Sana’s dad got a lot of big and colorful balloons, which he started blowing so that he can tie them all over the house. In the meantime, Shrav and Sana who were playing outside in the garden came into the house for a quick snack. What followed then was a big fireworks show of Daam, Daam Tus, Tus. Didn’t you understand what is this fuss all about isn’t it? Then read on further to know what it is all about.

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Daam, Daam Tus Tus

The moment Shrav saw the balloons, he got panicky as he is scared of big sounds. He always thinks about the popping sound that comes from balloons and keeps thinking as to when they are going to pop, instead of playing with the balloons like other kids of his age. The balloons always pop with big sounds – Daam daam. Shrav is allergic to high decibel sounds and that’s why Diwali is the most hated festival for him.

Shrav: Shouting, Uncle – please put away all those ballons. They are not good for us. I hate them so much.

Sana: Stop overacting Shrav, I like playing with ballons and that’s why my dad got those ballons for me. How can we have a party without balloons?

Shrav: Hitting his head, I am not overacting Sana. I do hate balloons. So that’s why I am asking your dad to remove them. Why you don’t understand it?

Sana: How can a kid hate balloons. There must be something wrong with you, come lets go to a doctor and get you tested out.

Shrav stomps out of the room into library in a huff and bangs the door. Sana follows him back like a true friend.

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Sana: Shrav tell me, why are you scared of balloons. There should be some reason for this fear of yours, isn’t it? She started shooting questions at Shrav like arrows. Tus Tus

Shrav: I don’t like those horrible balloons why you can’t understand. So, go away from me as you want only balloons. You are not my friend any more.

Shrav’s mommy comes into the room to see what’s going on as both of them were shouting at their top of the voices. When she understood the situation, she explained to Sana that Shrav is a very sensitive person and the sudden high volume sounds disturb him a lot. He can only bear the sounds that he makes but gets jittery and agitated for the sounds that are not in his control.

Then Sana, being a naughty child, came up with a naughty plan as usual. She went on popping the balloons behind Shrav’s back whenever he is not looking. Shrav kept getting angrier and angrier. He picks up the toy gun and tries to threaten Sana. But that also didn’t work out. So he walks out of Sana’s house full of anger and tells his mom that he would never play again with that little monster again. In fact, he doesn’t even want to see her again.

The next day, morning when Shrav’s mom couldn’t find him in the house – she goes in search of him, only to find both little munchkins playing happily in the backyard. After the play is over, Sana hands over Shrav a gift in the wrapped paper. When Shrav tears it open, he sees that it’s nothing but Sana’s favorite piggy bank, which she calls as the “Anxiety Box“. Sana tells him to write all his fears about the balloons in chits and put them into this “anxiety box” daily. This “anxiety box” would safeguard all his fears and he can be free without any tensions. Shrav keeps writing the chits and puts them into that “anxiety box” for couple of days.

During their next picnic day, both the parents could see Shrav and Sana playing merrily with the balloons in the park. Shrav is no longer scared of balloons. Sana helped him in getting over his fear of balloons and sounds. Now let’s see whether Shrav would really be able to bear the sound of crackers in the next episode?

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