Sana is a very active and bubbly girl. She likes to try out different activities. Her mom also supports her a lot, by taking her to various classes during the evenings and vacation time. She tried her hand at music, painting, karate, dance whatnot. You name a sport or any extracurricular activity, she would have done it already or would be planning to attend during her next vacations.

Shrav is on the other hand very focused on his cricket and he has decided a long time back itself, that dance, drums and his other favorite activities are only for recreation and his pleasure only. And, he would learn them at his convenience from youtube videos and will not attend any classes for them.

As Sana is attending various classes, she gets the opportunity to attend various competitions or give performances on the stage regularly. She is also a quick learner like Shrav. Also, she attends those classes regularly. So she performs better than others, due to her interest and dedication. Her masters/coaches keep praising her regularly and involve her in various competitions. She slowly started becoming overconfident. She started teasing Shrav saying, I am the Best as I got so many trophies or prizes. But you never get a single prize or trophy, so you are the worst. This easy banter of calling each other the Best and Worst, slowly started turning into a serious note and Shrav started getting a bad feeling about all this. So, he expressed this discomfort to both his mom and Sana’s mom. They both have decided to talk to Sana on this issue over the weekend when all of them are little free.

Every weekend, Shrav and Sana’s families spend their time together. This time, as per the mom’s plans, they all went to a friend’s farmhouse, to spend the weekend. The kids are overjoyed due to this sudden plan and they started playing near the pond by climbing up and down the trees. Plucking fruits and flowers from the plants in the farm. After the breakfast, both the parents sat in the shade of the plants near the pond and started enjoying the morning breeze and sun.

#SSSeries - Better and Worst story from Shrav and Sana in Shravmusings. Who among Shrav and Sana are the Best or Worst?

Suddenly, Sana’s mom called Sana for a quick chat and asked Sana to count the number of fishes in the pond. Sana started wondering why this silly question, but anyways, it’s always fun to watch and feed the fishes. So she obligied her mother and started counting them along with Shrav. They both started having fun watching the guppies and mollies in the pond and started counting them seperately.

Shrav’s mom: Sana – which are the fastest fishes when compared to guppies and mollies?

Sana: They both swim alike and can’t really differentiate.

Shrav’s mom: But are they good swimmers or average swimmers?

Sana: They are the good swimmers only, otherwise they would have been dead long time back itself.

Sana’s mom: Assume, if we get another type of fish, let’s say eel or angular fish? Whom do you think are the best and worst fishes then.

Sana: How can we compare like that. Eels and Angular fishes are good in their own space and they are not normally raised in the home ponds or aquariums.

Shrav’s mom: These fishes are all worst isn’t it? They can’t even climb up the trees or run like you.

Sana started getting annoyed now. But, she controlled her annoyance, as she can understand that now both these mom’s are leading her to somewhere.

Sana: Fishes live in water and they will die, as soon as we take them out of water. But that doesn’t mean that they are the worst on land. They are not suitable to live on the land that’s all.

Now, both the moms started looking at each other and started laughing out loud.

Moms: Sana – Did you understand what we are discussing till now. Can you relate this discussion to our own lives? You might be a good dancer when compared to Shrav. But it doesn’t mean that Shrav is the worst dancer, as dancing is not his forte. Also, you may be the best in your dance class. But can you really compete with your dance master and win. Or even the dancers who come in the reality shows on the television?

That means there is a lot to learn in every field and the people who call themselves the Best will not be really progressing in their learning but will get stalled at that stage. The people who think that there is a lot to learn will only succeed at a later stage in life. So, we can’t just call someone the best and worst. We use them to term the person’s actions at that particular time only. They are not permanent terms and they keep changing with time.

Now, Sana understood that she can’t be overconfident all the time and need to be more humble about her skills. Only then, she can progress in her learning.

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