Thanks a lot Santa Claus for getting us lot of gifts and also cheer. My mamma and pappa told us that you would be coming on 24th midnight and giving us gifts. So all my friends including my kitty (baby) friend decorated the tree and were eagerly waiting for you by playing various games. We had loads of fun during that time. Finally we got so very tired and dozed off in the hall itself. All our mommy’s carried us back to our bedrooms.

Next day we got up late as we were tired. By the time we came out to the Christmas tree, all the precious gifts were lined up for us under the tree. Seeing those gifts only I remembered our meeting in the dream. You were looking so very tired and hungry in the dream and nobody kept the food or the hot chocolate for you. When I offered you some cookies and warm milk, you seem to be very relieved. Then I think I kept on asking you so many questions and of course I don’t really remember the answers you gave me.

So my next obvious target is my mommy. So only she answered my question of how did you manage to distribute gifts to so many kids. I don’t even know how to count beyond 1000, and you seem to have  delivered to 10 times more than that number. This is as per my dad, so don’t ask what’s that number though. My mommy told me that you have local deputies who would help you in delivering.
But my another doubt still remains unanswered. Some of our kids sing songs like “Santa is struck in the chimney” and all to tease you and trouble you. So how do you take that all up and still smile. Please teach me that trick naa?
So I will tell my friends and all to keep some food and milk for you near the Christmas tree from next time. We also include the food for your rein deers as well. So please send us a letter with all your food preferences like how we write you the letters with all our wishes. I promise you that you wouldn’t go hungry from next time onwards.
So guys, if you think that what I am telling makes sense, then please inform your kids to treat Santa nicely OK?